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Stripped-Down Islamophobe Rally Said To Be Proceeding Saturday. Also Joey Deluca Is Bad At Lying

Fri, 08/10/2018 - 11:24
According to Joey Deluca of the WCAI during an interview with angry raccoons trapped in burlap sack Duke Willis, the racist rally he had been planning for tomorrow will proceed.... without him.

He genuinely looked like he was going to cry when he said this so I added a bit of mood music:

Since his initial complaints about infighting being the cause of the collapse of his planned rally, Joey has decided to try and change history and is now claiming he cancelled it out of respect for the Bollywood Film Fair that had been scheduled for that day as suggested by one of his Facebook supporters:

As such he has removed the original rationale and posted the following:

The funny thing of course is that (a) ARC and others knew about this potential scheduling conflict about a month ago and (b) we know that the Bollywood event has actually been cancelled.

However prior to posting this new rationale, Joey had been providing a very different reason for cancelling.... I mean postponing, the rally. First in a Facebook Live discussion with Sandra Solomon during a little after noon:

And then the interview with Willis later in the evening:

But then it's clear that Joey doesn't know the first thing about planning the massive rally that he envisions. We saw this in Calgary last June and in Vancouver last August. It is also clear that he doesn't have a clue what it takes to set it up in the country's largest city either:

But even when he tries to change the reason for cancelling the march, his resentment towards Meir Weinstein who he blames for his rally's failure remains crystal clear:

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Arthur Topham Arrested on Monday

Thu, 08/09/2018 - 18:12
It has been a busy day as ARC has learned from Paul Fromm that Arthur Topham has been arrested:

Topham was prosecuted and convicted for promoting hate online back in November 2015. He eventually launched a Charter challenge in 2016 however he lost his appeal and was sentenced on March 13:
A B.C. man convicted of an anti-semitic hate crime has been kicked off the internet, but Arthur Topham won't serve any jail time. Following a trial in Quesnel in 2015, a jury convicted Topham of one count of communicating online statements that wilfully promoted hatred against Jewish people. He could have faced up to two years in jail.According to Paulie who wrote the following on his blog, Topham was taken into custody this past Monday:
The thought police’s campaign to silence Arthur Topham entirely ratcheted up a notch this past Monday. Returning with his wife Shasta from his placer mining claims, August 6, Arthur was arrested outside his rural property near Quesnel, British Columbia. His wife who is severely disabled was made to stay in a camper outside their home., Arthur was taken to the town jail, until a warrant arrived for the police to enter his property. “They absconded with my computers and flash drives,” the former publisher of Radical Press (until 2009 a tabloid and then a website) told CAFE in an exclusive interview tonight. Arthur faces a charge of breach of probation. Having been convicted in 2016 on one count of violating Canada’s notorious “hate law” — Sec. 319 of the Criminal Code — and acquitted on another, Mr. Topham was given a six months suspended sentence and two years prohibition of publishing anything critical of Jews on the Internet. He heads to court on October 16. Without his computers, Mr. Topham has gone silent on the Internet.Those who commented on Paulie's Facebook post are as follows:

It's been a bad week for Islamophobes and antisemites.

WCAI "Postpone" August 11 Rally Because None Of These Groups Can Stand Each Other

Thu, 08/09/2018 - 15:18
This article is going to be rather screen shot heavy. I think it's worth it though.

Hey there readers. You remember when Joey Deluca of the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam posted this article on their then website (which appears to have been deep-sixed) about their planned march in Toronto on August 11 and how they were looking forward to assaulting counter-protesters?:
Well, funny story....

I'll get back to this thread in a moment, however suffice it to say the August 11 WCAI rally does not appear to be happening. Now that doesn't mean that some Islamophobes and white supremacists still won't be showing up either because they didn't get the message or because they've already made the investment (Joey doesn't seem to care that some people likely spent more money than they have available in order to join his hate rally)....

....but it does appear to mean that no one with the WCAI will be showing up to Queens Park
Oh.... sorry. I should explain this. You see despite Deluca insisting on the rally being in Nathan Phillips Square in order to "take it back" he had in fact been trying to pull a fast one on everyone by moving the rally a few blocks away to Queens Park. I suppose he thought this was clever, except that he told every single person who contacted him for details about this plan.
So much for Internet security.
Anyways, we had some indication that the event was in trouble when we found this post on the WCAI event page:

By this morning, the entire thing had blown up with numerous groups who had previously committed to participating pulling out:

One of the catalysts for this was a post by the JDL's Meir Weinstein who didn't take well to the Charlottesville imagery:

The resulting discussion is rife with antisemitic and Islamophobic slurs, threats, and people like Ron Banerjee using the opportunity to settle scores:
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WCAI Planning On (and Looking Forward To) Engaging in Violence Saturday

Wed, 08/08/2018 - 22:38
As August 11, the day of the planned Worldwide Coalition Against Islam event in Toronto, approaches, Ward 27 Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam issued the following statement regarding the hate rally on Twitter:
My statement on the Anti-Islam Event at @npstoronto on Aug 11. No permit has been issued for this hateful rally and none will be. Nazis and bigots have no place in Toronto and Canada.

Let’s come together to show strength + solidarity with those targeted.— Kristyn Wong-Tam (@kristynwongtam) August 7, 2018There is a counter-protest being organized by United Steelworkers Toronto Area Council and other supporters. Please come out and help send a peaceful message of resistance to these racists. There is no place in Toronto for  hate and violence.— Kristyn Wong-Tam (@kristynwongtam) August 7, 2018<./center>
Now regardless of whether or not they've been issued a permit, it seems that the city isn't going to try to stop them despite obviously running afoul of the City of Toronto's Hate Activity Policy:But in a response late Wednesday afternoon from Omo Akintan, Acting Director of Equity, Diversity and Human Rights for Toronto, B’nai Brith was told the rally will go on as planned. “The City of Toronto is aware of the planned protest… in Nathan Phillips Square by the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam (WCAI) and shares B'nai Brith's concerns,” Akintan wrote. “The City has a Hate Activity Policy with which users of public spaces are expected to comply. The policy prohibits use of City facilities and spaces for hate activity as defined in the Policy. We will continue to enforce the policy. The City will not tolerate, ignore, or condone illegal discrimination or harassment including any rally that incites hatred and/or violence against groups or persons. “To that end, the City has already taken actions to address this matter which includes the preparation of an event plan with the Toronto Police Service that has the life safety of everyone as the primary concern.This is further explained in a "Canadian Jewish News" article posted today:There were some rumblings online that organizers were not granted a permit for the rally, but permits are not issued for rallies or protests at Nathan Phillips Square, according to City of Toronto spokesperson Jaclyn Carlisle. That frustrates Toronto Ward 10 Councillor James Pasternak, who’s been after the city for months to develop a policy on hate groups that use municipal property. “This is a big problem and this is what we’re trying to get our city staff to act on,” he told The CJN. “These kinds of gatherings are an affront to everybody. They’re repugnant. They’re not in keeping with our anti-discrimination policy,” Pasternak said. He said permits are required if a gathering has a sound system and seating. Saturday’s protest doesn’t appear to require those, if past protests are an indication. Toronto “needs a strong policy to put an end to this kind of hate rally.”So, "the City will not tolerate, ignore, or condone illegal discrimination or harassment including any rally that incites hatred and/or violence against groups and persons."

Soooo, would this post from the WCAI Toronto event page be proof of enough that they plan on committing acts of violence?

And this one from back in July?

Or maybe threatening certain journalists by name?

Dude, posting the page doesn't make any of ya'll look good.
Could this be proof that Joey Deluca, his WCAI, and their supporters intend to incite, "hatred and/or violence against groups and persons":

Really though, none of this is especially new. ARC has exposed the WCAI and their supporters as racists, antisemites, Islamophobes, and homophobic time and time again.
That said, the WCAI is running into some problems fundraising for their event:

This Go Fund Me page was soon removed by the folks who run the crowd sourcing site, as was the second one that the WCAI created. Given the amount they likely got during their most recent fundraiser, it should be enough to get them to Moose Jaw:

Now Joey and company might have already saved their nickles and have enough to pay for the trip to Toronto, but they certainly aren't doing well recouping those expenses if they have.

Medicine Hat man arrested on hate crime and weapons charges

Tue, 08/07/2018 - 16:39
In mid July, posters and sticker began showing up in Medicine Hat, AB that read "Immigration = White Genocide" and included the web address for an anti-immigration, Islamophobic, hate site. These stickers were found on public buildings, signs, churches, and vehicles. At the same time currency was being distributed with antisemitic stamps on them.

Today ARC learned that an arrest was made in late July.

Loki Hulgaard was arrested and charged with inciting hatred:
When officers searched his backpack, numerous $5, $20 and $50 bills were discovered, stamped with messages including “Jewish White Genocide.”Of even greater concern however is what was discovered when a search warrant was executed:
Officers executed a search warrant at Hulgaard’s home, and seized numerous computers, USB drives and white supremacy documents. Officers also seized four firearms, including 2 SKS high-powered rifles with the serial numbers removed, over 1,200 rounds of ammunition, high capacity magazines and hate stickers displaying the message “Immigration=White Genocide.”Possession of firearms such as these by a white supremacist in the current political climate should be a wake-up call that there are individuals out there who take the anti-immigrant rhetoric to heart and are potentially willing to use violence.

I have to wonder about the name Loki. While it could genuinely be the first name of the suspect, it is also the name of the god of mischief in Norse mythology. Given that a number of anti-immigrant and Islamophobic hate groups that have adopted Norse iconography, I can't help thinking that "Loki" might be a pseudonym and that there might be a connection to one or more of these groups.

I admit though that this is totally supposition on my part.

If there's more information that comes out I'll do what I can to update. In the mean time if any reader has information that would provide more detail please feel free to contact ARC.

Soldiers of Odin Outnumbered in Nanaimo

Mon, 08/06/2018 - 20:49
Yesterday the Soldiers of Odin acted as "security" in an effort to intimidate homeless people living in Discontent City in Nanaimo:

Please be careful #Nanaimo friends. The Soldiers of Odin is a Neo-Nazi group. This isn’t about the issue they’re saying it is about, not fully, this is a recruitment. Do not align yourselves with this group regardless of your opinions about tent city/homelessness/addiction— William Gill (@william_keith35) August 1, 2018

There was tension today in Nanaimo as the Soldiers of Odin marched to the city's homeless camp and were met by a much larger group that opposes their views. We will have this story and more Vancouver Island news live at 5 p.m. on our website:— CHEK News (@CHEK_News) August 6, 2018
Good afternoon from Port Drive in #Nanaimo where members and supporters of Discontent City are gathering for a counter rally against a planned march by Soldiers of Odin.— Nicholas M Pescod (@npescod) August 5, 2018
BREAKING: The Soldiers of Odin have arrived at Discontent City in #Nanaimo— Nicholas M Pescod (@npescod) August 5, 2018

Suffice it to say, they were vastly outnumbered:

Nanaimo, BC community came out to protect & send off Soldiers of Odin and their anti-poor co-conspirators from Discontent City, an encampment of people without homes in the Vancouver Island city— CommunistPartyCanada (@compartycanada) August 6, 2018
PHOTOS: Here are a couple quick pictures I took from today's rally/march at #DiscontentCity in #Nanaimo involving the Soldiers of Odin.— Nicholas M Pescod (@npescod) August 5, 2018
Sad and terrifying that the Soldiers of Odin is marching on a homeless camp in Nanaimo today; but it raises my spirits to see this many people literally blocking the path between this hatred and the residents of DisconTent City. We need more of this solidarity. ✊✊✊— Anna Cooper (@CooperAnna) August 5, 2018
A tense scene now outside Discontent City. An RCMP officer estimates around 1,000 people there, a mix of supporters/opponents/bystanders. Soldiers of Odin now on scene. Both sides blocking the street, chanting face-to-face #Nanaimo @JulieHChadwick— (@NanaimoNewsNOW) August 5, 2018

Now there's an effort to figure out the names of the SoO members who participated in this march; though the chapter president refused to provide his name, it is known:

created by a fellow village radical. Though not 100% that they're Victoria BC based.. they apparently have meetings there and Langford.

regarding white supremacist group Soldiers Of Odin, Vancouver island chapter.— ⛰The Village Radicals⛰ (@MrBranches_) August 6, 2018
Watching. But not spellchecking. Conrad Peach is the leader of the Nanaimo Soldiers of Odin chapter. #DiscontentCity #nanaimo #nazis #PunchANazi #soldiersofodinnanaimo #vanisle— Meagan Carver (@enthusiaccident) August 5, 2018Conrad PeachAnd like former BC chapter president and short-lived Canadian SoO leader Bill Daniels, it also appears that Peachie has a bit of a criminal history which, given the accusations leveled at those living in the tent city by members of the SoO, I find to be interesting:

Did I write "interesting"?
I meant to write patently hypocritical. 

WCAI Hoping For Charlottesville North

Sat, 08/04/2018 - 00:39
The date of the planned Worldwide Coalition Against Islam rally is certainly not a coincidence as it coincides with the one year anniversary of the Charlottesville "Unite the Right" rally. The event was initially made infamous by the scene of white supremacists walking through the streets of the city chanting "Jews will not replace us" while carrying tiki torches:

It is this image that Joey Deluca, founder of the white supremacist and Islamophobic WCAI, said he would like to recreate in the streets of Toronto during an interview with "white nationalist" Ronny Cameron earlier this week:
After the rally, we were thinking like, it’d be pretty cool if we all marched through Toronto and maybe got some torches and just marched through after, right? And make a statement. Because nobody’s done that, right? I mean – and that’s why we need to do stuff like that.
I'm sure that Deluca is referring to torches never being used in Canadian far-right events, but even here he's wrong:

Members of the Ku Klux Klan set fire to a cross at a ceremony at Stave Lake near Vancouver in June 1981.
This shouldn't be surprising as Joey, known members of the WCAI, and other self-proclaimed "patriot" (read: racist) groups in Canada have been drawn to the spectacle that was Charlottesville, in particular the images resulting from the murder of an anti-racist protester as a car driven my a white supremacist plowed into the crowd of counter-protesters:
The day this tragedy occurred, WCAI vice-president Jesse Wielenga posted a video promoting upcoming WCAI events. One of those events, alluded to by Deluca in his interview with Cameron, was a WCAI rally in Vancouver that ultimately failed badly. In the video Wielenaga laughs about the murder and encourages others to do the same until he seems to realize that he has said something that would be illegal and he tries to walk it back:

Wielenga was certainly not alone in encouraging and/or minimizing murder. Deluca, as well as Cameron and neo-Nazi Kevin Goudreau who both plan on participating in the Toronto rally on August 11, celebrated the murder of Heather Heyer:

Much of this can be found in ARC's articles detailing the Canadian far-right reaction to Charlottesville:

As mentioned earlier in this article, Deluca was interviewed about what the WCAI was about and what the plans were for the rally. I've taken the time to cut the audio into bite-sized segments while a friend created a transcript of key points. However before I start I should mention here that all of what you are all about to read and hear is Proud Boy approved:
That Jones would use the image of a murdered child for his profile photo to try to make a cheap
political point says all that really needs to be said about the man's sense of decency.

But remember, the Proud Boys deny they're racists or antisemites.
And remember as you listen to these excerpts that the real danger that Muslims pose are to mediocre chicken restaurants and primary school politics!

Regarding the rally itself and specifically why he decided on Toronto, Deluca says the following:Our logo is a picture of a Muslim getting the boot the hell out of the country. I mean, we can’t get any more straightforward with our message than that.
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WCAI Planning Rally in Toronto on August 11

Wed, 08/01/2018 - 23:11

It looks like Joey Deluca and some other members of the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam (WCAI) are indeed planning on leaving the warm comforts of their Calgary home and traveling to the big, bad, city of Toronto the Good to hold a rally in Nathan Phillips Square on August 11. ARC had mentioned this plan in an earlier article as well as Joey's efforts to fund the venture:

This past Saturday Joey had his BBQ which was attended by a who's who of the Calgary racist scene:

Okay, I guess only the Soldiers of Odin (SoO) who keep telling us all they aren't racists:

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Danforth Shooting: Islamophobes Continue To Push Disinformation and False Information As Truth

Tue, 07/31/2018 - 12:59
It has been a little over a week since the horrible tragedy in Toronto's Danforth area occurred that resulted in the murder of a young woman and a child with more than a dozen injured. Right now this is what is known:

1. Because I love you, I spent the morning reading everything known so far about the #TorontoShooting. Canadian reporters are doing a great job, but the pieces are in different news outlets. I tried to bring it all together:— Amarnath Amarasingam (@AmarAmarasingam) July 26, 2018
It was also stated that the shooter was born in Canada by people familiar with the family.
Other than that precious little is known about the motives of the shooter and, much like the shooting that occurred in Las Vegas, it may take months of investigative work and even then a definitive motive might not be discovered to anyone's satisfaction.
Then again, the police could always just rely on the beliefs of a 25 year old, unemployed, drifter:

I'm not going to include the screen shots of comments for these particular posts, but I'm sure the readers can guess their content easily enough based previous examples.
Suffice it to say though that very little of what Myatt wrote is actually true and what is true is wildly mischaracterized. For example, ISIS did take credit for the attack. Perhaps after an investigation it will be determined that the shooter was motivated in whole or in part by an extremist ideology, but considering that ISIS also took credit for the Las Vegas massacre it seems that Myatt is far too willing to believe a violent terrorist group that has been known to lie in recent years because it fits a narrative he had already believed and had been promoting. There's also absolutely no evidence to suggest that the shooter spent any time in Afghanistan or that he was a "trained killer" or that he was a refugee, but since they are so eager to place blame on the government for it's immigration and refugee policies, the shooter will be labeled as a refugee regardless of the truth.
In fact, truth be damned.
Steven Myatt is exhibiting a classic case of confirmation bias which certain fringe websites and partisan "news" have been keen to push for fun and profit:

Myatt isn't alone in his desire to jump to conclusions and to rely on erroneous information because it fits a narrative:

A recent Global News article noted the proliferation of false information (ie. lies) in the wake of the shooting that is being disseminated online. The article mentioned three instances where images were being spread that purport to prove the shooter was a Jihadist refugee who trained with ISIS and was allowed into the country by Trudeau (apparently via personal invitation). The problem is that none of it is true:
  • A photo claiming to be the shooter is of a 17 year old named Talha Asmal who joined ISIS in 2015 and who killed himself in a suicide bombing.
  • A man from the UK with the same name as the shooter who was sentenced to four years in 2016 for stalking a woman and engaging in a campaign of terror against her.
  • A series of photos that purport to be the shooter but are in fact of people who look nothing like him.
All three of these examples were found in the social media sites I monitor.Read more »

Travis Patron of the Canadian (White) Nationalist Party Gets No Love In Winnipeg

Mon, 07/30/2018 - 13:17
ARC has written very little about Travis Patron, the white nationalist founder of the "so fringe other fringe political parties consider them fringe" Canadian Nationalist Party.

Because he is so marginal and insignificant, I've only referred to him in a single article:

Not that he hasn't been trying very hard to raise his profile. Patron has been posting on Kevin Goudreau's Facebook group and has been interviewed by fellow "white nationalist" Ronny Cameron for example. He has also engaged in cross-country speaking events, including tour of Western Canada that began earlier in the month:

The thing is, none of his speeches in any part of Canada have resulted in more than four people showing up to hear him speak. 
That's not an exaggeration either. Travis Patron quite literally can not draw many more people than would fit in a standard PolyJohn:

Patron's Western Canada tour has mostly proven to be no different:

With this in mind, Travis Patron's speaking tour stop in Winnipeg must have resulted in mixed feelings. 
On the one hand, he drew far more people to this engagement than he has for any other stop in the history of his "party's" existence.  
On the other hand though, only three of the people who attended were there because they wanted to hear Patron speak:

Yep, that's right. Travis Patron was welcomed to the city by the fine folks with Fascist Free Treaty 1 (FF1):Read more »

The Far-Right, Neo-Nazis, and Racists Running For Municipal Office.... So Let's Have Some Fun With This

Fri, 07/27/2018 - 19:15
By this point in the evening a lot of people who monitor the far-right in Canada have noticed that Faith Goldy has submitted forms and is running for mayor of Toronto:

it appears white nationalist YouTuber and former Rebel Media host Faith Goldy has registered to run for mayor of Toronto.— ishmael n. daro (@iD4RO) July 27, 2018
A woman who
-got fired from The Rebel for appearing on a Neo-Nazi podcast
-was the key player in a Quebec mosque shooting truther movement
-recently promoted a 1930s book concerning “the Jewish menace”
is running for mayor of Toronto.— VICE Canada (@vicecanada) July 27, 2018

Ms. Goldy joins the long list of far-right, neo-Nazis, and run of the mill racists who have decided to throw their hat into the political ring....

.... and she is most likely doing it for the exact reasons that others of her ilk have as well:
One quick note on Goldy. After being demonetized on patron, paypal, etc for, you know, being a white nationalist, this "mayoral run" is almost certainly not calculated but out of desperation.— Mack Lamoureux (@MackLamoureux) July 27, 2018
Already the following have announced their respective, and ultimately futile, runs for public office:Now Faith Goldy joins this august group by running for mayor of Toronto.
These people are running not because they believe they have a chance of winning, though I suppose some might have been able to delude themselves. In general they run so that they get publicity and support, albeit from the fringes, and thus more people who might be able to make donations. And of course many of them are narcissists who just want others to pay attention to them and to take them seriously.
I would prefer not to pay attention any of them, but I also can't help but think that this offers and opportunity for us as well:
 ARC has run contests in the past in which our readers have either taken an existing political poster and modified it or have created an entirely new one. All of these have focused on making fun of Paul Fromm's efforts, such as the one from his 2014 campaign for major of Mississauga.
As I was pondering Ms. Goldy's entry into municipal politics, I thought that maybe we might hold the contest once again, though expand the reach somewhat.
What I am proposing is a two part contest in which the winner will be awarded $100 for creating the most informative AND political poster mocking any one of the following candidates:
  • Faith Goldy, Toronto mayor
  • James Sears, Toronto councilor
  • Kevin Johnston, Mississauga mayor
  • Paul Fromm, Hamilton mayor
When you have created your poster, send it to the following email address:
From those that have been sent, I and a jury will pick the best example of each far-right candidate. I will then inform those who have made the short list. These short listed posters will be published to the blog. The deadline for this part of the contest will be September 3 to September 14.
Now this is where the contestant and ARC readers will help to determine the winner.
Each poster posted somewhere within the city or ward the candidate running in will be considered as a vote for that poster. A photo of the poster sent to the above address will constitute evidence and will be counted as a vote. The designer of the short listed poster may put up as many as he or she like and any reader can do the same. Part 2 of the contest will go from October 8 to October 19.
Rules that I expect to be followed:
  • Provide facts AND funny
  • Nothing illegal or promoting anything illegal
  • No encouragement of violence
  • Nothing sexist, homophobic, transphobic, or racist
In short, feel free to be an asshole, but use some common sense and don't be a dick. Make fun of these clowns because they deserve it and because they hate being laughed at.
Because I'm spit-balling this all as I write it I reserve the right to change dates as needed to to include other information that I didn't think of initially when setting out the rules and conditions. I might also have to speak to a lawyer to make sure that this contest is legal since part of it involves some public postering.
Stay tuned for more details.

WCAI Celebrate Apparent Hate-Motivated Assault and Threat in Toronto

Fri, 07/27/2018 - 10:49
On Monday July 23, a video was uploaded as a man harassed, assaulted, and threatened two families at the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal:

Today Lombray Ball, age 50, has been charged with two counts of assault and one count of threatening death:

Vice reports that Ball had been arrested in relation to a second incident after the one in the video took place and that it appears that he was targeting visible minorities.

Now most reasonable people would recognize what is seen in the video as a pretty clear cut case of criminal behavior and harassment. Then there are people like Joey Deluca and the supporters and members of the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam who think that Ball's actions were awesome:

Joey wants to buy Ball a beer which, given the circumstances, seems to be at least part of the problem.

No one should be surprised by this. Deluca and WCAI have made a point of encouraging the dehumanization of visible minorities, especially Muslims, since the hate groups inception and they have only become cruder with time:

It should be mentioned that Deluca and some of other members of the Calgary-based WCAI plan on travelling to Toronto to hold a rally in Nathan Phillips Square on August 11:

I'll be writing a more detailed article on this plan soon enough.

There Really Is Life After Hate Part III

Wed, 07/25/2018 - 18:34
In light of events over the past several days, I thought this would be another apropos time for some hope as well:
Deprogramming 101: Proving Fear and Narratives Wrong I was young when I met the individual who recruited me into the white power club. I recognize the fact that I can't blame him alone for my radicalization; I had a choice and I chose to buy into fear. I was the very definition of a disenfranchised youth. After enough back handed attempts to prove to me that he and his friends were my safe haven, that's when the lectures and fear mongering began taking place. I remember statements such as: 
  • "What happened to you in the past is nothing compared to what a non-white will do to you". 
  • "They (non-whites) are out to attack our people and culture". 
  • "Anyone who isn't with us is against us, they're the enemy". 
I remember the adrenaline building up and at the time these statements were alluring to me because they were very narrow; I didn't need to worry about shades of grey. I already had an all or nothing mentality and these messages aligned with it. It didn't take very long for me to believe these things and start making false connections in my own head. It also didn't take much longer for me to have experiences where I was thrown off guard, questioning my beliefs momentarily. A drunken riot happened at our hangout spot one night. It was between group members where a disagreement lead to fist fighting. Myself and two others went running onto the main road covered in blood and bruises. I saw two black guys running towards us who asked if we were okay. They said they still wanted to help us even though we were decked out in hate symbols. They stayed with us until the ambulance arrived and gave us money to get a cab ride home after the hospital visit. I was stunned and didn't know what to think. With the narratives I was taught, I would have thought we would have been harmed even more by them. What happened was the literal opposite. I had a couple white power symbols tattooed on me. People on the streets would often ask me what they meant, but no one ever jumped me because of them. The only times I have ever been jumped or physically harmed were at the hands of the people who I thought were my friends. One such incident was having my head slammed full force against a brick wall. Of course I had to go to the hospital because of it. The doctor who helped me was mixed race and I was thrown off once again; he treated me like a human being. I have had brushes with the law before and I think I was let off easier then I should have been a few times. One officer in particular, I still remember. Regardless of what he thought, he never judged me or challenged my so called beliefs. He talked to me as an adult, even though I acted like a child. I think he could probably see the troubled kid underneath the surface, as opposed to focusing on the basket case I had become. When I actively removed myself from hate groups, I still had unwanted thoughts come to mind; unfortunately negative programming can last a lot longer then someone's physical involvement. I was introduced to something called rational thinking; I asked myself what evidence I had to support any of those thoughts (ie: "they're out to get us"). I never had an experience to back those claims up, and I very much doubt I ever will. What I was lucky enough to have were some guardian angels out there in the form of people who I thought were against me.Other articles in this series include:

Far-Right Reaction To Tragic Shooting in Toronto Exactly As Expected

Wed, 07/25/2018 - 01:40
First, the most important part of this horrible tragedy is that two people, 10 year old Julianna Kozis and 18 year old Reese Fallon, were murdered and their names are the ones that should be remembered, not that of the murderer. As such I will as much as possible try to avoid using his name in this article.

When the shooting occurred, I was working on the article identifying the Montreal chapter leader of ID Canada. Initially the news that trickled in was that there were shots fired in Toronto's Danforth area. As time went on the full scope of the tragedy became apparent. Right now little is still known about the motives of the killer. A statement from his family suggests that he had struggled with mental illness since at least 2010 and was known to the police having been apprehended two times under the mental health act. A friend stated in an interview that eight years prior to the shooting the suspect had confided in his friend that he suffered depression and psychosis. Beyond this is all speculation at this point in time.

Sadly, the speculation and accusations began soon almost immediately as false news was being spread:

I feel weird sharing this fake garbage, but it's just one example of the shit that comes after mass shootings like the #TorontoShooting.

This site cites "eyewitness" reports of a "bearded" man. That adds up to "Muslim." A transparent act of #Islamophobia— Steven Zhou (@stevenzzhou) July 23, 2018

This blog has recorded many examples of the Islamophobes ARC monitors jumping to conclusions before more information is made available. I could provide the screen shots I've collected and posted elsewhere as examples, but I think a short and non-comprehensive list should suffice:

  • Joking about the mass murder of young people assuming that the suspect was a Muslim only to learn that the suspect was a far-right extremist (they then simply dismissed him as crazy).
  • Forest fires (including the one that devastated Fort McMurray) and prairie fires have been claimed as proof of a jihadist plot as Muslims have been accused of starting them.
  • The massacre of six men at a mosque in Quebec City is still being claimed as either a false flag or having actually been carried out by Muslim extremists.
  • The van attack in Toronto this past spring that left 10 dead and more than a dozen injured is still being claimed as an act of jihadist terrorism.
  • There are many who suggest that Humboldt Broncos bus tragedy was an example of Islamic terrorism.
There are more examples than these on this blog. Feel free to peruse at your leisure.
I think my views concerning the rush to judgement in these cases as well as the most recent tragedy are summed up best by journalist Steven Zhou:
I wanna emphasize that this cautionary note isn't to say that the shooter isn't or can't be Muslim.

There's just not enough evidence to pin down the identity or motive of the shooter.— Steven Zhou (@stevenzzhou) July 23, 2018
Here's the thing with fake news right after a shooting:

Baseless attribution of the shooter's motivation to whatever ideology w/o evidence actually has ~50% chance of being right.

No one will go after you if you're wrong, and it's "vindication" if ur right. #TorontoShooting— Steven Zhou (@stevenzzhou) July 23, 2018I've already seen two fake sources saying the shooting was done by an ISIS fanatic. With no real evidence cited.

Those who wanna believe this will pat themselves on the back if it actually turns out to be some Muslim guy. Except they never had any evidence. They just guessed.— Steven Zhou (@stevenzzhou) July 23, 2018It's a win-win situation essentially.

1. Ur wrong and fall silent. Lose nothing.

2. Ur right, the group you hate suffers bad PR, and the shitty fake news site you like gets vindication and a thin veneer of legitimacy.— Steven Zhou (@stevenzzhou) July 23, 2018Obv no one can say right now without insider info who the shooter was and why he killed ppl.

But just in case it IS a Muslim dude, I just wanna flip off those fucked up fake news blogs preemptively.

Fuck you lifeless idiots.— Steven Zhou (@stevenzzhou) July 23, 2018
All of this was prior to learning the identity of the suspect and it holds true after learning the identity as well.

I spent much of the day scrolling through the usual profiles and groups on Facebook prior to and after the identity of the shooter was known. It was like a car accident that one couldn't look away from. The usual rage-filled comments were being posted prior to the name being released:

  • Claiming that the shooter was a member of ISIS who had returned to Canada or was at least inspired by ISIS
  • Blaming refugees, immigrants, and multiculturalism.
  • Suggesting Trudeau and the Liberal Party had "blood on their hands" and were fully to blame (given that the shooter had been in the country since at least 2010, it's a bit of a stretch) with the more extreme demanding the execution of the prime minister and any Liberal or NDP supporter.
  • Demands to end immigration, deport Muslims and "non-white" Canadians, and to close down mosques. 
I could post screen shots from any number of sources -- God knows disinformation was spreading like wildfire -- but I think a focus on a single case study should suffice:

Steven Myatt has become a bit of a nexus for spreading false information and whipping up his Islamophobic supporters into a frenzy. Examples of the subsequent comments are as follows:Read more »

Generation Identity, Alt-Right Montreal, and the Identity of "Date"

Mon, 07/23/2018 - 00:31
ARC has a number of individuals to thank for this article, however one provides the blog with the bulk of the material that follows. I would like to thank her/him, as well as all of those others who assisted in this work, for the invaluable contribution that made this article possible.

On January 7, ARC published an article identifying the suspected head of Generation Identity Canada. Tyler Hover had been a person ARC had been watching for years though we hadn't published much about him during that time. Of potential interest is that former "Rebel Media" personality Lauren Southern is a fan of the group in Europe:

Generation Identity Canada has since rebranded as ID Canada and has found a kindred spirit in another former "Rebel Media" personality Faith Goldy who has been promoting the hate group since the spring:

While identifying Hover has proven to be useful, the real prize has turned out to be learning the identity of the Montreal chapter of Generation Identity (now the Montreal chapter of ID Canada) leader.

ARC is actually coming a little late to the party since the head of Montreal chapter was identified by an online pseudonym in "The National Post" on May 14. Most of the article focused on how the leaking of the Discord chat logs resulted in identifying some far-right individuals from Quebec who participated in the racist Charlottesville rally last August paying particular attention to "Zeiger" (Gabriel Sohier-Chaput), Shawn Beauvais-MacDonald ("FriendlyFash"), and Vincent Bélanger-Mercure, however there was also mention of a figure that I had only been vaguely aware of:
A few days before the long drive south, one of their leaders logged onto an American alt-right forum with a request. “We are about 20 guys driving through the border from Canada and we obviously will not be able to bring protective gear like shields and so on through the border agents,” wrote Date, a prominent Montreal white nationalist. “If you’ve got extra ones, some of our members are interested in buying them from you over there.”Of importance to this article though is information found later on "The National Post":
Another key Montreal player goes by the username “LateOfDies.” He first appears in the Montreal Storm chat a few weeks after its creation and remains a moderator throughout the duration of the logs. In late December 2017, another user describes how LateOfDies acts as the gatekeeper for the crew’s secret Facebook group, which requires in-person vetting by LateOfDies, FriendlyFash or Zeiger in order to enter. Unlike Zeiger, the name LateOfDies does not appear in forums outside the Discord server. There is, however, a person who uses the pseudonym “Date of Lies,” or sometimes simply “Date” who regularly appears on white supremacist podcasts and in neo-Nazi literature connected to Montreal and Quebec. It was Date who had asked to buy shields and gear from American users ahead of Charlottesville. Date has also appeared on podcasts with Shawn Beauvais-MacDonald — who used the alias Friendly Fash (two words, rather than one), just like in Montreal Storm. Date identifies himself as a leader within Generation Identity Canada in a white supremacist podcast from October 2017. That group, which recently rebranded itself as ID Canada, has posted propaganda around Concordia and McGill in the past. Date also claimed to have been involved in the “Make Canada Great Again” posters that went up around McGill shortly after Donald Trump’s election. In an interview with Harfang, the secret newsletter of the neo-Nazi group Fédération des Québécois de Souche, Date says that Generation Identity was formerly called Alt Right Montreal.The connection Generation Identity and the Facebook group Alt-Right Montreal was made explicit on the Montreal Storm chat logs and includes a misspelling of Date's first name:

On a related note it seems that Students For Western Civilization is also involved with Gabriel Sohier-Chaput and those who participated in the "Montreal Storm" chats by attending physical events (referred to as TRS Pool Parties).

That's another connection to Faith Goldy:

Date is also seen here coordinating with American fascists prior to Charlottesville:

Thus far the identity of "Date" or "DateOfLies" hasn't been widely distributed, but someone who I am very grateful to has provided ARC with the identity and supporting evidence to identify who he is:

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Far Right Reaction To Assault On Muslim-Canadian Father in Mississauga

Fri, 07/20/2018 - 18:14
It has become a bit of a sad routine on ARC that, after a horrible crime is committed, I await the reaction, excuses, and often justification from the far right groups and individuals ARC has been keeping an eye on over the years. The vicious assault of Ahmed Abu Marzouk in front of his wife and two young children is the latest example. Initially labeled as a road rage incident, the subsequent details have resulted in the police investigating the assault as a hate crime.

It didn't take long before some of the folks ARC watches to dismiss or even justify this crime:

Considering that it has been suggested that Johnston is an unreliable witness (which is really just a nice way of saying he's a chronic liar), I'm inclined to not give him the benefit of the doubt regarding his claim to have been a fraud claim investigator.

Johnston isn't the only person who is either dismissing the incident as a ploy or justifying the assault:

One of the sources disseminating these particular narratives is this fella:


Ron here has posted his missive in a number of other locations; comments follow each:

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WCAI Turning Into Parody.... I Mean Even More So

Thu, 07/19/2018 - 20:26
Sometimes it is easy to forget how ridiculous and laughable the groups and individuals this blog tracks can be. This is especially true when one comes across a post in which the subject casually discusses which race (or ideology) he would like to "Holocaust":

But then he reminds you of how worthy of ridicule and mockery he really is:

Oh Joey! You're over the top rhetoric never fails to make me smile.

I suppose taking "Toronto back WCAI style with no mercy, no retreat and no surrender" means you'll be clumsily reading a cliche-filled script at a poorly attended rally in which you will make yourself look to be a buffoon? Because that's sort of what you're known for,

I mean, this is assuming that he will actually be able to raise the finances to get there in the first place:

If this wasn't funny enough, Joey claims to be training for the rally.

No, really:

He seems to genuinely think that THIS is intimidating:

My god, it's like watching a 12 year old boy using gym equipment for the first time.

You want to injure your lumbar? Because this is how you injure your lumbar!

So, when (or if) Joey and the WCAI make their way to Toronto, what burning issue will be the focus of their righteous rage?

If one of his more recent posts is any indication, breakfast menus:

The responses are so unbelievably surreal one might think that they were responding to a troll by Sacha Baron Cohen:

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There Really Is Life After Hate Part II

Wed, 07/18/2018 - 18:47
On May 1, ARC published an article by a young woman who had been able to get out of the racist movement. Since that time she has been working diligently to help deradicalize others who are entangled in this world but are looking for ways to get out, prevent marginal youths from getting involved in the first place, and educating others regarding the dangers posed by racist groups and individuals. She had actually contacted ARC back in 2016 to discuss the changes that have occurred in her life and to discuss what she has done to make amends. She has submitted a second article which ARC is now publishing which deals with her personal experience as a woman in the movement. I hope that this will constitute an ongoing series:
Since leaving the far-right, I remember their wild claims that feminism has allegedly destroyed women and pushed this so-called agenda on young kids. The narratives were not very well backed up; just before I left that lifestyle behind me, I couldn't find one moment in my past where feminism was forced on me or did any harm to me. I grew up in a traditional type family setting where my Dad worked full time and my Mom was dependent on him. It seemed inevitable that as a female, I will have kids someday. I wasn't thrilled by the prospect how ever; I had absolutely no interest in children. My family was very strict and old fashioned. My grandfather in particular had a serious hate- on for gay people and had no problem verbalizing these opinions to my sibling and I. We were only young kids at the time and I had a secret that I didn't dare come forward with back then; I'm bisexual. The rejection I felt as a result caused a lot anger and made me feel completely alone. As time progressed, I was shamed by my grandfather for the fact I carried more weight on me then most other girls my age. I heard some down right nasty comments directed at me such as "you're not going to get a boyfriend if you look like that" and "we should keep the food away from you". From a teenagers perspective, this sent me a toxic message that I only mattered for these things. To say it was degrading is an understatement. I was recruited into the far- right in my late teens. The anti- feminist narratives were not introduced to me immediately though. At first I enjoyed the movement because it seemed like everything I wasn't allowed to do as a kid; act like a lunatic. It also gave me that sense of importance and belonging I never felt I had before. Later on, I was at one of the other members houses one night for drinks and he told me in conversation that "there was no way in hell I would be fighting on the front lines for the sake of white power; that isn't the woman's role". He fed me a good story about how women are happier in their alleged natural habitat (the home) and anything beyond that is a product of feminism, thus damaging women and the white race. I let go of the skin-byrd image; I traded in the combat boots, suspenders and jacket for skin tight jeans, knee high leather boots and make up. The guys in the movement told me that it was more ideal for their women to dress well as it makes the movement look more attractive. On the outside I pulled it off okay, but on the inside I didn't feel like myself.There was an occasion where I questioned this relationship between the traditional family unit and the white power movement. My boyfriend at the time was preparing to be involved in a targeted attack against a group of black guys at a bar. He too fantasized about having a family within these restrictive ideas. I asked him "so if you have kids, how do you plan on explaining the bruises from a fist fight to them?" He didn't have a super clear answer to that, just more propaganda and justification. I was thinking to myself that if a parent came home after a fist fight and a child had to see that, how would that impact the child? As time went on, more pushy comments were thrown at me about breeding white kids. As much as I played the old school gender role bit, I would often pause when the topic of children came up. I was having some issues with mental health at the time. Traumatic memories started to surface from the less then pleasant experiences I had as a result of being affiliated with extremism. I clearly set verbal boundaries about this in front of my partner and the other group members; it was not an appropriate time to think about having children at the age of 22 while being emotionally distressed by past trauma. The response would often be something to the degree of "that's no excuse not to have kids", and more ignorant comments of "just get over it and don't drop the baby". I couldn't resist looking broader at this scenario; if this group claimed to be in defence and in favour of the future of white people, should they not care that my health could impact a child? If they are all about protecting and caring for white women, why were they suggesting that my health be put on the back burner? Needless to say these narratives gradually stopped making sense to me. When I took the time to look at my own childhood, I remember I was often put down by others due to my clothing choices, weight and my disconnect with what I knew as femininity back then. When I recalled how this gender roles stuff was introduced to me within the movement, I remembered back to some of those comments and saw similarities. Shaming was a seed that had already been planted into my head, it was a behaviour that I was used to seeing. It happened to me during childhood and it was happening to me during my time in the movement. I won't pretend that life became immediately easy shortly after I decided to drop out of the movement. Because of the constant negativity I heard and encountered, it messed up my perspective for a significant amount of time after. If I saw a woman with a baby, I would remember all the shaming I was taught. I had a few friends at the time who were mothers and I found it hard to connect with them. I probably lost a few friendships over this too. I eventually got to know some really cool people who have children; they were more then supportive of me in the positive things I was doing, and vice versa. I saw how a healthy relationship works between two people through getting to know them; it was all about equality, communication and compromise. They never once judged me for my choices and I'll always be grateful to them for that. If it isn't already painfully obvious, the far- right is actually what did psychological damage to me, not feminism. I spent 5 years in hatred, pretending to be something I wasn't. I've been contacted by my old friends a few times and most of their accusations are how they think feminism converted me out of their movement; I work in the construction industry now and it says that on my Facebook page. Reality is that I wanted a better life, I wanted to be genuine, I wanted real friends and healthy relationships. I have all those things now and if that makes me a traitor, a snowflake or a feminist in their eyes, that's fine.

Reported As a "Road Rage" Incident, Vicious Assault May Have Been Racially Motivated

Tue, 07/17/2018 - 16:22
Early this morning, Muhammed Abu Marzouk was severely beaten by two men in a Mississauga parking lot. His wife and a friend were also assaulted in front of the the couple's young children. Adam and Janis Corhamzic were both arrested and charged with assault and two counts of aggravated assault.

Journalist Steven Zhou has been commentating on this crime:

I've lived in #Mississauga for five years and the Greater #Toronto Area for ten.

I don't remember ever seeing or hearing about anything more vicious in all these years in that city.— Steven Zhou (@stevenzzhou) July 17, 2018
This report doesn't include the personal account from this, which indicates that his attackers did not drive and that they attacked him after they saw his wife in hijab, thus a visible Muslim.— Steven Zhou (@stevenzzhou) July 17, 2018
All the while his daughters were watching and he was apologizing and yelling for them to stop.

If all this is true (obv an investigation has to be carried out),  then "road rage" can't be the sole motivation for the attackers.

Yet it seems, yet again, it's the leading theory.— Steven Zhou (@stevenzzhou) July 17, 2018
Honestly, just going by my own personal experience + common sense, I cant recall an incident of pure road rage when the aggressors gang up on a driver + beat him half to death. In broad daylight in front of his family. Ask yourself if you remember such an incident of "road rage."— Steven Zhou (@stevenzzhou) July 17, 2018

The family's Imam provides an account that strongly suggests that this assault was not simply road rage:

Here's the account from the #Mississauga Imam who visited the victim and his family. His post describes the victim's first hand account of what happened.

According to his account, the sole, "road rage" theory doesnt work.— Steven Zhou (@stevenzzhou) July 17, 2018

Aftermath of Failed Ottawa Rally: Dan Dubois Explodes In Video Rant

Mon, 07/16/2018 - 22:02
Any objective analysis of the Canadian Combat Coalition rally on Parliament Hill this past weeks could only conclude it was an unmitigated disaster and no amount of spin can change that fact.

Dan Dubois is dealing with this failure with the quiet dignity we've come to expect from him:

Well, it's not exactly Marcus Aurelius' Meditations, but I suppose we'll take what we can get:

Well then....

.... that certainly escalated quickly.

Late this evening, Dubois posted a video unloading on La Meute, justifying marching with neo-Nazi Kevin Goudreau, attacking Robert Jones of the Proud Boys and taking a swipe at Ronny Cameron once again. Through much of the video he is barely coherent:

The comments continue the recriminations with Ron Banerjee playing the primary antagonist:

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