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Neo-Nazi Flyers found in In the St.Clair-Bathurst area of Toronto

Wed, 05/30/2018 - 21:19
On May 27, we learned that these had been found in Wells Hills Park:

CBC reported on this a few days later. These stickers were also found in the same area:

We have some leads as to who might be responsible, but nothing we can pin down definitively.

If anyone has any information, please consider sharing it with ARC.

Updates on Proud Boys Brandon Vaughan and Robert Jones, Meir Weinstein, Faith Goldy, and Doug Ford

Mon, 05/28/2018 - 22:27
We certainly weren't the first to report that Brandon Vaughan, a member of the Proud Boys, had been indicted for assaulting a Palestinian-American last spring in Washington D.C., but he was on our radar first for his participation in a number of Islamophobic protests, including one in Calgary organized by the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam:

Vaughan was one of three men (two of whom were Canadians) who are alleged to have assaulted Kamal Nayfeh, 55-year-old community college professor from North Carolina. Vaughan had been with the JDL outside the annual meeting the American Israel Public Affairs Committee conference when he, Yosef Steynovitz of Thornhill, ON and Rami Lubranicki of Howell, N.J. when the incident occurred. Vaughan had been indicted by a grand jury and when he failed to appear a bench warrant was issued for his arrest:
The charge of assault with significant bodily injured while armed carries a statutory maximum of 30 years in prison, and if convicted of the hate-crime enhancement, the penalty would increase to 1.5 times that amount, or 45 years.Vaughan has been pretty quite since April. I wonder why?

On this blog ARC has noted Vaughan's fondness for Faith Goldy with whom he has taken more than a few "selfies" with:

As a supporter of the JDL, one has to wonder if Vaughan's support for Goldy will continue or, if like his fellow Proud Boy member Robert Jones, he'll reject the JDL since Meir Weinstein has finally noticed that Goldy has a penchant for Nazis:

Now Goldy recommended the book back in April so Meir is a little late to this, but better late than never I suppose. It should be noted that Goldy worked with Gavin McInnes, the founder of the Proud Boys who himself went on an antisemitic rant while employed by "Rebel Media"; Weinstein appears to have rationalized this though, as did the Proud Boys who attacked anyone who commented unfavorabley on their founder:

Speaking of Proud Boys, let's keep this thread going:

I also mentioned Robert Jones who despite having had supported the JDL in the past, broke off his relationship because the alpha male's widdle feeling were hurt. Well he's now now back to his old self and is busily advocating for the murder of police officers, magistrates, politicians, and the Queen because Tommy Robinson is an idiot and violated his court conditions and was arrested:

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JDL Denounces Ronny Cameron; Proud Boy Robert Jones Breaks With JDL

Sun, 05/27/2018 - 15:53
I've stated both on ARC and elsewhere that when one scratches the surface of the "alt-right" xenophobic movement, one can find an antisemite just under that surface.

When I wrote about Ronny Cameron's video with Devon Mannix and Proud Boy member Andrew Zokvic, I asked the question, "why is Meir [Weinstein] and the JDL so friendly with Ronny Cameron?" Given Cameron's own growing comfort with antisemitic stereotypes and his association with people like Mannix and Zokvic, the former who has praised Nazism and the latter who self-identifies as a fascist and who defended Hitler's actions which ultimately culminated in the Holocaust, it was difficult to square this with Meir's own history of opposing Nazis. I figured that in his targeting of Muslim-Canadians, that he may have decided to subscribe to the maxim, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend."

Not satisfied with this, I decided to send Meir a link to the article published on ARC. I didn't think he would respond given our mutual antagonism, but I was surprised to receive the following message a few days later:

Following the link, I found the following posted to Meir's profile:

Many of Meir's supporters posted their view of Cameron, the consensus being that he is antisemite. Cameron replied in what I guess was an effort to defend himself.... by posting a bunch of antisemitic conspiracy theories and stereotypes:

Not surprisingly, Ron Banerjee, who has an intense hatred towards Cameron, was eager to join in:

Jennifer Bush also chimed in:

Meir's was not the only Facebook profile that this discussion went down. There was another that was ultimately nuked, but which also involved Ronny Cameron's middle-aged Proud Boy friend Robert Jones:

There are some screen shots from that discussion that have survived. In those screen shots a British Columbia member of the JDL and Jones appeared to have it out:

They all seem like very nice people, don't they?

Now this dispute is interesting because while Proud Boy Jones is friends with Cameron, he has also attended a number of JDL events:

Because someone said something mean to alpha male Robert Jones, he has decided that Jews are just a bunch of meanies!

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Doug Ford's Support Among White Nationalists and Racist Groups

Sat, 05/26/2018 - 16:04
Dog whistles have a long history in politics. During the 2015 federal election, then prime minister Steven Harper spoke of "old stock Canadians" in order to stimulate the Conservative base, especially after the Federal Court ruled that a woman wearing a niqab could take the oath of citizenship; Mr. Harper denied that his comment was intended to create racial or religious divisions, but it is clear that certain segments of "the base" certainly believed that they were the ones being spoken to and that the message was to get out and vote Conservative if you don't want "those people" changing "your" country. During the leadership to replace Mr. Harper as party leader, Kellie Leitch offered her own dog whistle when she suggested that immigrants be screened to ensure that held what she regarded as "Canadian values." Again, she denied that her target was Muslims, but her supporters seemed to wink and say, "yes, we know you have to say that to the press but don't worry because we know exactly what you mean."

In Ontario the Progressive Conservative Party is, despite the momentum of the NDP, still poised as of right now to potentially form the government after the June 7 election. Party leader Doug Ford also appears to have engaged in dog whistle politics when he spoke of "taking care of our own" regarding the issue of immigration. While Ford denied that he was throwing red meat to a segment of his supporters that hold xenophobic views, that base also winked and said, "don't worry Dougie, we hear you":

The reality is that Ford hasn't shied away from the more toxic of his supporters:

Ex-Rebel Media Host Promotes 1930s Book by Fascist Author Advocating ‘The Elimination of Jews— (((ARC COLLECTIVE))) (@ARCCollective) May 26, 2018
Ford has also garnered support from hate groups such as the Proud Boys:

Doug Ford is the preferred candidate for Proud Boys Ontario....apparently. I guess I'm not surprised.— Aylan Couchie (@AylanX) February 28, 2018
Recently Ford was photographed with Timothy Gavin Reid, a member of the Proud Boys :

Earlier this month, Timothy Gavin Reid was handcuffed after appearing to assault an anti-fascist counter-protester during a rally organized by the Islamophobic Pegida Canada:

ARC certainly isn't the first to note Ford's flirtation with the far right in his effort to become the next premier of the province of Ontario:

I don't think it is unreasonable if journalists start asking some probing questions regarding Mr. Ford's views and his apparent willingness to be associated with extremists.

IED Explodes in Mississauga Restaurant. 15 Injured. Two Suspects Sought

Thu, 05/24/2018 - 22:54
The explosion occurred at the the Bombay Bhel restaurant in Mississauga at approx 10:30 pm. Of the 15 injured, three are in critical condition. Two male suspects are being sought:

2 suspects attended the scene, detonated an Improvised Explosive Device within the restaurant. Several injured were taken to local hospital and 3 in critical condition were taken to a Toronto Trauma Centre.— Peel Regional Police (@PeelPoliceMedia) May 25, 2018
Two parties fled the scene immediately after the incident. 1st described as male, 5’10-6feet, stocky build, mid-20s, light skin, wearing dark blue jeans, dark zip up hoodie pulled over head, baseball cap with light grey peak, face covered with black cloth material.— Peel Regional Police (@PeelPoliceMedia) May 25, 20182nd male described as 5’9”-5’10”, fair skin, thin build, faded blue jeans, dark zip-up hoodie hood pulled over head, grey t-shirt, dark coloured skate shoes, face covered. Looking for public’s assistance in identifying the parties that fled following the explosion.— Peel Regional Police (@PeelPoliceMedia) May 25, 2018
I would echo Steven Zhou's caution in attributing a motive at this point:

Unsurprisingly, given superficial info around nature of the #Mississauga explosion at Bombay Bhel, lots of speculation on social media already about identity/motives of suspects. None of that is known yet, not even by authorities, it seems.— Steven Zhou (@stevenzzhou) May 25, 2018
If anyone has any information, please contact the Peel Regional Police:

Please contact (905) 453-2121 or 12CIB at ext. 1233— Peel Regional Police (@PeelPoliceMedia) May 25, 2018UPDATE
According to Peel Police, most of the injured have been released from hospital. The 3 who were in critical condition are now in stable condition. Good news. #Mississauga— Amarnath Amarasingam (@AmarAmarasingam) May 25, 2018 

May 2018 Bits and Bites: Goudreau, Proud Boys, WCAI, Myatt, Cameron, and Faith Goldy

Wed, 05/23/2018 - 21:01
May is not yet over but it has been busy. As such I decided to combine some of the smaller stories I had been collecting and compile them into one large article. It is long but, believe it or not, I haven't included everything.

Before I start, this afternoon members of Atalante attempted to intimidate "Vice Canada" journalists in their Montreal offices (see here for the English language and the French language accounts of the incident). Ultimately their efforts were pretty weak, but it does indicate that groups such as Atalante and others are becoming more brazen as little is seemingly done to keep such hate groups in check:

Atalante are celebrating their office-invasion of Vice Quebec on their facebook page. A comment on the post reads "(((VICE)))" and the person who posted that has on their profile "Les goyim sont au courant" or "the goyim know." These are antisemitic codes.— Evan Balgord (@ebalgord) May 23, 2018
They aren't being particularly subtle, are they?

Now, getting into the "lighter side" of the news so-to-speak, it looks like Kevin "No Show" Goudreau still thinks that he is the leader of all Canadian hate groups and is trying to give orders to the Soldiers of Odin:

I'm very interested in seeing how that will go over.

We also learned about how dishonest some of the people we cover here are, including middle-age Proud Boy Robert Jones:

This image was debunked long ago however it continues to make the rounds. It doesn't surprise me that Jones would be fooled, but when other tell him the origin photo Jones' response is telling:

Yep. He now knows it is a lie but since it defames the reputation of people he disagrees with, he's going to use it still.

And that is, in a nutshell, all one really needs to know about the integrity of Robert Jones.

I haven't written much about the WCAI lately, though they appear to be planning some rallies this summer. However ARC has certainly been on Joey Deluca's and Jesse Wielenga's collective minds:

Jesus. That edit by former Ontario Canadian Combat Coalition vp Rick Boswick was more painful then even the stuff I've cobbled together, and I KNOW I'm bad at editing videos.

No, I'm not Dena Gallant and quite frankly I'm rather insulted as I believe myself to be far more witty than her. Then again I also know that me telling them this won't change their minds. Hell, others are also now certain that I'm Dr. Barbara Perry and I'm quite certain she has better ways to spend her time than on this blog (that said, I've had the opportunity to chat with Dr. Perry and she is very nice).

It is interesting that Joey et al believes the person who runs the ARC YouTube account is Ms. Gallant though since she has given Steven Myatt some grief regarding his efforts to sue Justin Trudeau for treason (yes, this is a real thing). It also turns out that Myatt can't stand criticism and is a bit of a drama queen:

Why are the alpha males all so bloody thin skinned?

So Myatt asks his very loyal followers if he should keep going or quit. Considering his audience he must have known what the outcome would be which means that this question is simply a request for his followers to stroke his ego:
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Quebec III% Militia Record What Appears To Be Serious Crimes

Mon, 05/21/2018 - 09:59
Assault, forcible confinement, and likely theft. While the Sûreté du Québec was busy protecting the far-right Islamophobic, racist, anti-immigrant groups who arrived at the Lacolle border on Saturday (Storm Alliance, some La Meute members, III% militia, and others), they failed to monitor the potential dangers those groups posed to others which allowed this to happen:

The people involved in what appears to be a significant criminal behavior are reported to be members of a Quebec chapter of the III% militia. The young woman being assaulted is alleged to have been taking pictures of vehicles that the anti-immigrant protesters took to the Lacolle border:

On peut voir sur la vidéo des membres du III% complément habillé en para militaire avec des veste par balles. #onestpasracistes
Note: La femme dit "j'espère qu'elle se fera violer..." en se référant aux migrants— Le Troupeau (@LetroupeauQC) May 20, 2018
Une personne qui était soupçonnée de prendre en photo les manifestants a été prise à partie par des III%. Ils semblent même avoir pris son portefeuille et avoir volé sa carte d'assurance maladie pour l'identifier.#onestpasracistes— Le Troupeau (@LetroupeauQC) May 20, 2018
Et ici, une image de cette milice en train d'agresser la femme— Le Troupeau (@LetroupeauQC) May 20, 2018
Grace à l'aide d'un internaute qui m'a dirigé vers une version HD du vidéo, on voit très bien dans le vidéo que ce membre des III% vole la carte d'assurance maladie de la militante.

Un vole commis devant la @sureteduquebec qui était présente selon les membres de ces groupes— Le Troupeau (@LetroupeauQC) May 21, 2018

One of the xenophobes who shared the video was this guy:

I'll post both the English translation as well as the original French. I've tried to black out any significant identifying information about the victim. First the English translation:

This idiot wants to sure the institution the victim works at for.... reasons I guess.

And now the original French:

This represents a very serious escalation in the level of violence that members of the III% have engaged in. ARC readers will remember that last June Alberta III% members claiming to provide security at a Worldwide Coalition Against Islam rally in Calgary were wearing tactical gear and in possession of weapons (stun canes); the police in Calgary allowed this. Some members of the militia in Ontario have admitted to assaulting counter-protesters using thick poles disguised as flag poles; the police have appeared to have allowed this to take place as well, or at least have not confiscated these weapons at later events.

And now, this.

What is it going to take for the police to recognize that these groups, especially the III% militia, pose a real danger to social order?

Ces "patriotes" remercient la ville @SaintEustache et leur service de police de leur avoir permis la diffusion d'idées d'extrême droite, comme celle qu'il y aurait un grand remplacement. #onestpasracistes— Le Troupeau (@LetroupeauQC) May 20, 2018UPDATE: One suspect has been identified.

One of the people involved in this assault is named Jean-Simon Arsenault Boudreau.— toujours antifasciste (@nlrmontreal) May 21, 2018

More information on this alleged assault, as well as identifying some of the participants, can be found here:

"White Nationalist" Ronny Cameron, His National Socialist Friends, and the Jewish Defence League

Sun, 05/20/2018 - 14:32
For the life of me, I don't understand why Meir Weinstein of the Canadian Jewish Defence League has such an amicable relationship with Ronny Cameron:

In an article published last week, I commented Ronny Cameron, a self-professed "white nationalist" and "alt-right" proponent as well as a supporter of Richard Spencer, and his relationship with the Canadian JDL. After the video Cameron went on to skirt the edges of antisemitic conspiracy theories and the rather ugly stereotypes leveled at the Jewish people. Since Meir routinely accuses progressives who make even the most tepid criticisms of Israeli government policies as being antisemites, I found it curious that he would give Cameron a pass for considerably more provocative claims.

While Cameron claims to be quite fond of the JDL who he considers an ally, he suggests they are an anomaly in the Jewish community and it appeared that his "alliance" with the JDL was a means to an end. ARC published three brief excerpts from more than two hour video published by Cameron featuring overt antisemite and white supremacist Devon Mannix and Proud Boy member Andrew Zokvic. The remainder of the video was certainly a telling:

FYI, and a shameless plug here, but if anyone is interested in supporting the work of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network (which, in what will disappoint Mannix, is not comprised totally or even primarily of Jewish-Canadians), please click here.

Much of the following excerpts consists of Cameron nodding in agreement as his guests advocate for National Socialism and fascism, engage in antisemitic stereotypes conspiracy theories regarding the years in Germany prior to World War II and justifying the actions of Hitler in targeting Jewish Germans, and discussing multiculturalism and "race realism" using pseudo-science (much of it debunked decades ago) claiming racial superiority regarding intellect. I'll provide some broad categories for the excerpts:

Whether the name "alt-right" is appropriate followed by an antisemitic joke:

A discussion of religion with references to "blood and soil":

Whether or not mainstream conservatives will eventually embrace National Socialism and fascism (the consensus among the three seems to be "yes"):

With that in mind after Cameron says that Israel is a "distraction" though he supports the existence of Israel as what he believes to be an "ethnostate", Zokvic speaks about how Jews "are not white" and justifies Hitler's rise to power by claiming Jewish-Germans were the cause of the hardships in Germany during the interwar period:

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Anti-Fascists Face Off Against Storm Alliance, III%ers, and Others On Quebec Border

Sat, 05/19/2018 - 10:49
There are a number of people who are covering this event. I'll see what I can do to provide up-to-date information:

Donc apparement le groupe d'extrême droite Storm Alliance a décidé d'aller au @IGAQC, 60 route 202 près de Lacolle, pour stationner leurs voitures.
Qu'est-ce que pense @IGAQC d'être le stationnement pour les gens de ce groupe d'extrême droite ? #onestpasracistes— Le Troupeau (@LetroupeauQC) May 19, 2018
Anti-fascists and migrant justice organizers will be present at BOTH Lacolle and Roxham Road this Saturday to block the anti-immigrant racist far-right, and to declare: Open The Borders! Welcome Refugees! #cdnmedia #cdnpoli #mtl #qcpoli— Cité sans frontières (@SolidariteMTL) May 18, 2018
I'm at the Lacolle border, where dozens of anti-racists are waiting to counter Storm Alliance's demonstration. The far right group had planned to demonstrate at Roxham Road-the main site of irregular border crossings-until pressure from anti-racists and media caused them to move— Jon Milton (@514jon) May 19, 2018
Pro-refugee community groups have rallied at the Lacolle border to counter a protest scheduled for 1pm organized by an anti-immigration group, who are calling on stricter border controls.— Felicia Parrillo (@feliciaparrillo) May 19, 2018
Police have blocked off the road leading to where migrants have been crossing at Roxham Rd in anticipation of today’s Storm Alliance  protest and Solidarity Across Borders counter-protest #cbcnews— Simon Nakonechny (@simon_nak) May 19, 2018
Pro- refugee groups are gathering near the Lacolle border. They’re getting ready to counter an anti-immigration protest organized by Storm Alliance and other extreme-right groups. Heavy police presence. @CTVMontreal— Angela MacKenzie (@AMacKenzieCTV) May 19, 2018
About 100 members of Storm Alliance, Three Percenters, and new group “Independence Day” have gathered near the border crossing at St-Bernard-de-Lacolle in preparation for today’s  “United for the protection of borders” far-right protest #manifencours— Simon Nakonechny (@simon_nak) May 19, 2018
So far two busloads of anti racists have arrived at Lacolle, where Storm Alliance is expected to demonstrate. More anti-racists are at Roxham Road for a demonstration to welcome refugees.

No signs of Storm Alliance yet.— Jon Milton (@514jon) May 19, 2018
Word is that Storm Alliance is holding their meetup in a nearby IGA parking lot for noon, then heading over here for 1pm. No word on their numbers, but last time (Sept 30) they held a demo here the drew a crowd of about 50.— Jon Milton (@514jon) May 19, 2018
TVA's Yves Poirier posted this video which shows Storm Alliance members meeting up in a parking lot in Lacolle.— Robin Edgar (@RobinEdgar) May 19, 2018
Hello from Localle, Quebec where antifa and other anti racist groups are gathering to stand down a far right “ultranationalist” action by storm alliance (to intimidate refugees coming from the US). In the distance, building where refugees are held for processing.— Emma Whitford (@emma_a_whitford) May 19, 2018
Some folks from Anti-Racist Football Montreal have a soccer game going. The Chaotic Insurrection Ensemble marching band is here, playing A Las Barricadas, an old anti-fascist partisan song from the Spanish Civil War. Very family-friendly environment.— Jon Milton (@514jon) May 19, 2018a few hundred counter-protesters waiting for storm alliance convoy— Emma Whitford (@emma_a_whitford) May 19, 2018
Announcement being made that anti-racists have "gotten very good information" that Storm Alliance will try to march on the other side of the highway. Anti-racists are going to try to stop them. Storm Alliance expected to arrive soon— Jon Milton (@514jon) May 19, 2018
Access to Border crossing at St.Bernard de Lacolle is presently closed due to a demonstration. #manifencours Alternative route by Border office Lacolle Route 221 or Lacolle Route 223.— Border Services QUE (@CanBorderQUE) May 19, 2018
A contingent of anti racists are blocking the highway, Storm Alliance reported to be nearby in a convoy of cars— Jon Milton (@514jon) May 19, 2018
Members of Solidarity Across Borders have blocked hwy 15 near the Lacolle border. Riot police moving in to disperse. SQ arresting organizer. Storm Alliance hasn’t even arrived on site yet. @CTVMontreal— Angela MacKenzie (@AMacKenzieCTV) May 19, 2018
Large group of riot police are arriving— Jon Milton (@514jon) May 19, 2018
Jaggi Singh was punched and arrested. Riot police threatening to use "chemical irritants" on anti-racists through a pre-recorded message on a loudspeaker— Jon Milton (@514jon) May 19, 2018
SQ riot police pushing back Solidarity Across Borders counterprotesters who have blocked off Autoroute 15s. Protest declared@ illegal. Jaggi Singh detained. #manifencours— Simon Nakonechny (@simon_nak) May 19, 2018
Jaggi Singh handcuffed, counter protest disperses back to shoulder, police trying to reopen the 15.
Singh accuses police of collaborating with far-right groups #manifencours— Simon Nakonechny (@simon_nak) May 19, 2018
riot police pushed antifa off the highway once, one arrest (attempting to block storm alliance convoy as it arrives)— Emma Whitford (@emma_a_whitford) May 19, 2018
As police move on anti-fa closer to the Lacolle border, convoy of far-right groups are backed up along the highway— Jonathan Montpetit (@jonmontpetit) May 19, 2018
Faith Goldy showed up to troll ant-racists, is sticking a camera in people's faces. Crowd chants "Nazi scum your time has come"— Jon Milton (@514jon) May 19, 2018
Some tried to snatch Faith Goldy's cell phone that she's recording people with. She's now retreated behind the police line— Jon Milton (@514jon) May 19, 2018
[Dernière heure] Des manifestants qui appuient les demandeurs d'asile ont bloqué l'autoroute 15 en direction nord près de Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle. Une personne, Jaggi Singh, a été arrêtée.

Les précisions de @KarineBastien#manifencours #migrants— Radio-Canada Info (@RadioCanadaInfo) May 19, 2018
Caravan of Storm Alliance cars are arriving via highway, which has been unblocked by riot police— Jon Milton (@514jon) May 19, 2018
Quick hit on what's happening at the border, via @simon_nak & @jonmontpetit— Ben Shingler (@benshingler) May 19, 2018
riot police separating antifa from storm alliance, which just arrived in long caravan with many middle fingers— Emma Whitford (@emma_a_whitford) May 19, 2018
Members of far-right group Storm Alliance have arrived for their protest at the Lacolle border.— Felicia Parrillo (@feliciaparrillo) May 19, 2018

With a line of riot cops protecting them from anti-racists,  Storm Alliance is demonstrating. Hard to gauge how many people are on that side— Jon Milton (@514jon) May 19, 2018
Mike Noble a construction worker from Ottawa. Believes ISIS members are crossing at Roxham Road.— Jonathan Montpetit (@jonmontpetit) May 19, 2018
Updated: Pro and anti-immigration protesters gathered at the Quebec-US border in Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle.  The opposing rallies amid a heavy police presence
caused disruptions at the border.— CBC News Alerts (@CBCAlerts) May 19, 2018
With a line of riot cops protecting them from anti-racists,  Storm Alliance is demonstrating. Hard to gauge how many people are on that side— Jon Milton (@514jon) May 19, 2018— Le Troupeau (@LetroupeauQC) May 19, 2018
Storm Alliance chanting slogan "we the people are not racist." Anti-racists laughing at the idea that they feel the need to chant "we're not racist "— Jon Milton (@514jon) May 19, 2018
the white-nationalist Storm Alliance is demonstrating at the Lacolle border crossing today. anti-racists are there counterprotesting them. and Faith Goldy is counter-counterprotesting, because of course she is. somebody's got to stand up for those poor Nazis after all— Jim Storrie (@JimStorrie) May 19, 2018
It's being announced that the Three Percenter militia is demonstrating alongsode Storm Alliance. "Threepers" are an armed far right militia primarily based in the US, with some branches in Canada.— Jon Milton (@514jon) May 19, 2018
Anti-racists chalked nicknames in front of the line of riot police: grouchy, sleepy, etc. Got a good laugh— Jon Milton (@514jon) May 19, 2018
Protests near Canada-US border starting to disperse as weather turns ugly #manifencours— Simon Nakonechny (@simon_nak) May 19, 2018— David Z Wallace Jr. (@DavidZWallace) May 19, 2018He he. :DStorm Alliance is leaving, anti-racists cheer and yell "Storm Alliance fuck off." Crowd of anti-racists collectively gives them the finger as they drive away— Jon Milton (@514jon) May 19, 2018
message to refugees on building where border crossers are sometimes held for processing— Emma Whitford (@emma_a_whitford) May 19, 2018
Border demo all done. Highlight for me: seeing Faith Goldy get scolded by an SQ officer for using her cellphone while driving.— Jonathan Montpetit (@jonmontpetit) May 19, 2018

Damn Millennials with their fancy cell phones flouting the law!

And also....

Well That Didn't Last Long. Vancouver Island Northern Guard Chapter Breaks With Alberta Chapter and National "Organization".

Fri, 05/18/2018 - 19:50
Last weekend I wrote about the bigots who protest a conference discussing white privilege that too place at Ryerson University. I primarily used Ronny Cameron's video of the event interspersed with some of my own observations:

Not long after Shree Paradkar wrote about the protest in the context of the founding of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network (which a shout out directed at ARC) for the "Toronto Star":The activities of these white supremacists — as evinced in the gathering outside Ryerson’s University’s White Privilege conference last week — often fly below the radar of mainstream media that are ill equipped to monitor and report on such obscure ideologies.Because the extreme right-wing is not ideologically coherent and is dotted across Canada, tracking its growth is a task undertaken piecemeal by anti-fascists, anti-racism activists and a few academics. For years, the anti-racist Canada (ARC) collective fought bigotry one blog at a time, existing as a resource for journalists and law enforcement. Earlier this month it got some company. The Canadian Anti-Hate Network (CAN) was launched after a group of 16 Canadians — including an ARC operator — came together to close the data gap in researching and reporting on far-right violence.The usual assortment of trolls attacked Ms. Paradkar using rhetoric that further confirmed the veracity of her article highlighting their bigotry, but I personally was most amused when Ronny Cameron, along with Devon Mannix and Andrew Zokvic (who is referred to here, here, and here in previous articles) learned about the article.
They are going to be SO happy that I'm using this!

Well ya'll got your wish, though if I may I would like to make two observations:
  1. You three share a rather specific sexual fantasy. Hey, I'm not here to judge anyone's kink. You guys do you (though I can't help wondering how Cameron's black girlfriend -- he continually reminds everyone of this fact -- feels about this).
  2. While you may be excited to see your name printed on these pages, it has been my experience over the past ten and a half years that the novelty does wear off and on inclusion on the ARC blog has a tendency to make one's life much more difficult over the long term.
Cameron, Mannix, and Zokvic are correct that there is indeed a lot a material that they've provided ARC to work with and I will get to it eventually, but I would like to first focus on what Mannix is up to:

Yes, Devon Mannix has looked factionalization and fracturing of the far-right groups in Canada and has decided that the solution to their problem of disunity and backbiting is yet another group.
Genius I tells ya!
And it isn't just that he is starting a new group. He and his two friends are breaking off another and making sure they are burning bridges in the process:

It hasn't even been a month since the Northern Guard announced the establishment of a chapter in British Columbia. Some of the members, including the leader, even headed over to Alberta to share bread and salt with that provinces Northern Guard chapter:

Devon Mannix had expressed his own strong approval of the Vancouver Island chapter, largely due to the unabashed antisemitism and white supremacist orientation of the tiny membership. Mannic also made nice with the Alberta Northern Guard chapter, including attending the Artur Pawlowski's protest outside City Hall in Calgary on April 14:

Oh, those were halcyon days of yore!
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Bad Times For Canadian Alt-Right Podcasters: This Hour Has 88 Minutes Co-Host Exposed

Wed, 05/16/2018 - 19:49
Congratulations to those who spent months pouring through online messages and hours of podcast material to be able to publish this story:

Leagueofthenorth, host of Canada’s largest alt-right neo-Nazi podcast, is Thomas White, who lives 30 minutes outside Thunder Bay. This expose comes after a months-long joint investigation by the Canadian Anti-Hate Network and VICE Canada.— Evan Balgord (@ebalgord) May 16, 2018
The podcast has been deleted as have the hosts forum accounts with their thousands of posts. You can support the work of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network at— Evan Balgord (@ebalgord) May 16, 2018

h/t to @MackLamoureux, @a_picazo and @MartinPatriquin for their investigative chops.— Evan Balgord (@ebalgord) May 16, 2018

White supremacists whine about being doxxed, complain about private chats being leaked, etc.

This self-described 'Nazi barista' outed himself.

A pleasure to work alongside @MartinPatriquin @MackLamoureux @ebalgord to expose this character.— Alheli Picazo (@a_picazo) May 16, 2018

This took months of work that includes going through hours and hours of podcasts, reading thousands upon thousands of words, pulling property records, and speaking to numerous people familiar with the situation on background. It's a weird one.— Mack Lamoureux (@MackLamoureux) May 16, 2018

Until recently, Canada had a self-described “Nazi Barista”. @MackLamoureux, @a_picazo, @ebalgord and I found him. Via @vicecanada and @vicequebec— Martin Patriquin (@MartinPatriquin) May 16, 2018

OK, if you need me I'm going to be having a beer and toasting to @MartinPatriquin, @a_picazo, and @ebalgord. It was one hell of a pleasure to work with them.— Mack Lamoureux (@MackLamoureux) May 16, 2018

Evan Balgord is the Executive Director of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, an organization I'm proud to have been able to co-found with a lot of very good people. His efforts as well as those of the incredible Alheli PicazoMartin Patriquin, and Mack Lamoureux in identifying Thomas White as “League of the North" who was one of the co-hosts of the neo-Nazi podcast "This Hour Has 88 Minutes" is a blow to the "white nationalist" movement in Canada and internationally. It also shows the importance of a group like the Canadian Anti-Hate Network in tracking down and identifying these people.

If anyone is interested in supporting more investigative work such as this, I invite them to visit this site.

The Alberta III%ers Aren't Racist If Only You Ignore All Of Their Racism

Tue, 05/15/2018 - 21:50
That's right, don't you believe your lying eyes!

Annyyyyways, it seems that the threepers are starting to catch on to the reality that they are being watched:

First, it would be accurate to write "has" access. Hi Jerry!

Second, I'm not quite sure what Jerry Morgan thinks he would do if were to get his hands on me, but I hope it involves an offer of a neat, though slightly chilled, Glencairn scotch.

Third, lies? Really?

Challenge accepted!

Last week when news emerged that a woman had verbally attacked a group of men in a Lethbridge Denny's whom she assumed were Syrian, berating them for speaking a language other than English and telling them to, "go back where they came from" among other things, most Canadians were disgusted. However the people ARC covers celebrated and hoped to see more of the same. I didn't post an article on it because really it was what we've all come to expect. Bigots like Kevin Johnston devoted two videos to claiming the men were really the racists and that the woman was the victim. Others claimed that she said, "what everyone is thinking" or that she was set up or that they started it or George Soros other explanations to excuse and justify her behavior.

Oh, and they are certain that Justin Trudeau is ultimately to blame.

While I didn't talk about the story much here, I did post the comments by Alberta threepers in another article which really are representative of both their views and that of other paranoid racist Islamophobes in the country:

Pretty standard by this point.

Today threepers posted an article referring to the Lethbridge story from "Debate Post" which sometimes twists real news into something of a caricature of the original story or provides incredibly biased material as if it is legitimate:

Truth be told, if this "Muslim leader" did say this, I would agree with him. In fact I believe that all schools should be open to discussing racism in Canada as a means of creating a more equal and equitable society. The article I found certainly wasn't at all controversial:
An Islamic leader in Southern Alberta is calling for education and dialogue following the video of a woman spouting racist remarks at a group of men at the Lethbridge Denny’s restaurant. Imam Aslam Piprawala welcomed dozens as the Lethbridge Muslim Association opened the doors to its new mosque and Islamic centre on Saturday. “We hope that through what we are teaching in this new centre, through our explanation of the religion … we will explain to people that we are human and we are nothing but human.President of association (right) says they are hoping to make the centre an educational centre for young people - teaching them true teachings of Islam & pull them away from extremist views. Also a place to bridge the gap for non-Muslim people & teach them about the faith #YQL— Kyle Benning (@KBBenning) May 12, 2018

But the threepers sort of take things personally and interpreted the story, which was likely an intention of the folks at "Debate Post", to paint all Canadians and themselves personally as racists.

They proceeded to engage in an histrionic fit about how they aren't racist.... by basically being the racists that we've seen them to consistently be throughout their existence as a group:

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Alt-Right Ronny Cameron and the JDL: Strange Bedfellow

Mon, 05/14/2018 - 19:30
This is the second of two articles focusing on events in Toronto on May 12, 2018. Click here to see the first article.

For some time observers have noted that far right Jewish groups such as the Jewish Defence League have formed an alliance with white nationalists groups. In Canada, those groups include overtly Islamophobic hate groups such as the Soldiers of Odin as well as self-proclaimed western chauvinists the Proud Boys, a group founded by a man formerly employed by "Rebel Media" who spoke about his trip to Israel making him more anti-Semitic and who appears to have questioned the historicity of the Holocaust; he later posted a video of the 10 things he hates about Jews (which was later changed to things he hates about Israel):

None of this is a surprise as the JDL has been appearing to turn a blind eye to Trump supporting neo-Nazi harassment of Jews because the JDL too supports Donald Trump. In this country Meir Weinstein who heads the JDL gave Gavin McInnes a pass, though in another interview he was quick to claim the Canadian JDL would certainly defend Jews in Whitefish, Montana:
The Canadian branch of the Jewish Defense League is prepared to mobilize in Whitefish, Montana, where neo-Nazis are planning an anti-Jewish march on Martin Luther King Jr. Day — and do whatever it takes to “smash the Nazis.”  “We would be more than wiling to help in any way,” said Meir Weinstein, national director of Canada’s JDL. The FBI has designated the U.S. branch of the movement a terrorist organization. Weinstein, who calls himself a “loyal disciple” of the JDL’s founder, the firebrand Jewish nationalist Meir Kahane, called “alt-right” figurehead Richard Spencer a Nazi.  “That guy’s going to get his head kicked in. He’s a Nazi, this guy’s a Nazi,” Weinstein said of Spencer in a phone interview.  Spencer does not call himself a Nazi and has publicly sought to distinguish himself from a previous generation of white nationalists — by using terms like “alt-right” and calling himself a white “identitarian.” It should be noted that neither Weinstein nor the rest of the Canadian JDL wento Whitefish and no heads were kicked in. But I guess saying so made him feel good about himself.

But then as in the case of McInnes, there are other reasons to doubt that the JDL under Meir is the Nazi smashing group it was once known as in the 1970s and 80s.

On Saturday, members of the JDL counter-protested a rally condemning the American government's decision to move their embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Prior to this event, self-proclaimed white nationalist and alt-right supporter Ronny Cameron had been participating in a protest at Ryerson University. Cameron first spoke to the JDL contingent where he was very well received.... perhaps because he was also wearing a Trump mask but also because he has become known in that particular community. He eventually made his way to Meir Weinstein who greeted Cameron warmly.

However later on in the video, Cameron made some statements concerning Israel that might cause Meir some concern:

Or perhaps they won't cause Meir any concern?

After all, he seems to have made a bit of a devil's bargain.

Ryerson Far Right Protest, May 12, 2018: Ronny Cameron Interviews Faith Goldy Pushing "Dark Enlightenment" Views

Mon, 05/14/2018 - 19:29
This is the first of two articles focusing on events in Toronto on May 12, 2018. Click here to see the second article.

ARC hasn't written about Ronny Cameron much, at least not in detail since his antics in Hamilton where even some of is supporters called him out for his behavior as well as that of the Proud Boys who were with him. Well today you get a double serving of Cameron which sounds about unappetizing as it should.

On Saturday Cameron attended a small protest organized by Laura Lee and Mary Forest which he began promoting on May 9:

He showed up earlier before the group moved on to Ryerson University where the conference was taking place, posting this short video:

The main event was relatively sparsely attended. Cameron was there as was a contingent of Soldiers of Odin members from Hamilton. At least one member or supporter of the III% militia was attending too. Other known individuals present included Mary Forest, Laura Lee, Kevin Johnston, the man who organized the anti-Muslim hate protest on Parliament Hill, and Faith Goldy.

We'll get to her in a moment.

Cameron posted a video of the speeches that were as tone deaf and bigoted as you might expect. I took the liberty of adding a few pithy, and some more serious, observations. The edit on this particular video is terrible as my editing software was driving me up the wall so please bare with me:

The comments were also as one would expect:

Still, it was the interview with Faith Goldy that I found to be of particular interest as she dropped some neoreactionary, or "Dark Enlightenment" rhetoric throughout the conversation:

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Hate Has Consequences: More Fallout From Gabriel Sohier Chaput and Discord "Montreal Storm" Leaks

Sat, 05/12/2018 - 15:56
The news that "Zieger", a prominent neo-Nazi active on the "Daily Stormer" and second to hate site founder Andrew Anglin, was a Montreal IT consultant named Gabriel Sohier Chaput has been a huge story and one that continues to reverberate. Likely at least in part as a result of this outing, Canada's largest neo-Nazi podcast was shut down and all the content removed from YouTube:

BREAKING: Following the launch of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network and the Zeiger expose, Canada's largest neo-Nazi podcast yanks down all 90 of their episodes. Don't worry, we have them saved. Support our work, which is already having an impact, at #cdnpoli— Evan Balgord (@ebalgord) May 10, 2018UPDATE: Canada's largest alt-right neo-Nazi podcast - the largest platform for regular Canadian content - has now been removed altogether from the sites that hosted it. One of the hosts deleted his forum account with its thousands of posts. Another host deleted his Twitter.— Evan Balgord (@ebalgord) May 10, 2018
The pressure on Sohier Chaput and those associated with him has been further increased by the efforts of the folks at Monteral Counter-Information who are are asking for help to identify others in "Zieger's" circle:
A Canada-Wide Callout to Track Down the Alt-Right Nazi Scumbags Next Door Anonymous submission to MTL Counter-info The Montreal Storm leaks constitute the largest single reveal of activities of the neo-Nazi wing of the alt-right in Canada. What’s more, it looks like Montreal’s (pathetically small and inept) Daily Stormer “book club” may be the largest in Canada. That said, we know that it’s not the only one. Prior to the Daily Stormer closing its book club forum down, it was clear that there were attempts to start similar neo-Nazi cells across Canada, from Atlantic Canada to British Columbia. Neo-nazis from across Canada attended the “Leafensraum” meet-up organizer by Gabriel Sohier-Chaput and others in 2017. Quebeckers were not the only Canadians to attend the Unite the Right hatefest in Charlottesville in August 2017. Fliers, posters, and stickers with identical design and wording have appeared in different cities and provinces. If you have knowledge of neo-Nazi activities in your area, specifically connected to the Daily Stormer and alt-right, please get in touch with us at has identified at least on member of the "Montreal Storm" Discord group. The user "FriendlyFash" is Shawn Beauvais-MacDonald:

Someone at Monteral Counter-Information also connected Beauvais-MacDonald as well explaining how they were able to identify "Zieger" as Gabriel Sohier Chaput  in this detailed article which begins as such:
Over the past year, Montreal antifascists have identified individuals, and finally a small and pathetic scene, of men in their 20s and 30s, active online but trying to establish an “in real life” presence for neo-Nazism in our city. Occasionally operating as “Alt-Right Montreal” or ARM, or Arm and Hammer, these individuals are also linked to Generation Identity (rebranded as ID Canada), the phantom Northern Order, and other “groups” in the city. This is the first of a series of reports on this milieu. It includes screenshots from the neo-nazis’ private chatroom, including many that we ourselves find traumatic.Others have also been identified.

So if you can help identify more, feel free to give these folks a helping hand.

UPDATE 1: Looks like Shawn isn't happy being famous.

Spotted Shawn Beauvais MacDonald tearing down posters of himself and other Montreal neo-nazis on Sherbrooke St. These posters were put up in NDG today #polmtl— Miriam Lafontaine (@MiriLafontaine) May 12, 2018
UPDATE 2: Looks like he'll have a lot of work to take down all the posters that have been put up.

Locals also put up these posters (cred, Jackson Long) #polmtl— Miriam Lafontaine (@MiriLafontaine) May 13, 2018

These ones were found everywhere in Monkland:

Then there's this:

Protesters begin marching down Beaubien in Rosemont to denounce new-nazi Gabriel Sohier-Chaput’s presence in the neighbourhood @Linknewspaper— Erika Morris (@thingjpg) May 12, 2018
And isn't this interesting?
Soldiers of Odin allegedly stand in front of the home of a neo-nazi, Philippe Gendron @Linknewspaper— Erika Morris (@thingjpg) May 12, 2018
Spotted: Soldier of Odin hoodies @linknewspaper— Erika Morris (@thingjpg) May 12, 2018
Gabriel Sohier Chaput ("Zeiger") wasn't home but another neo-nazi, Philippe Gendron ("Phil Soo"), was recently revealed to live on the same street. Multiple police trucks and dozens of cops in riot gear kept the demonstration from getting close to his house— Treyf (@treyfpodcast) May 12, 2018

Steven Myatt, Like Most Authoritarian Personalities, Doesn't Think His Motives Should Be Questioned By Mere Plebs

Fri, 05/11/2018 - 22:49
A couple of days ago ARC came into possession of Steven Myatt's petition that outlines rationale (such that it is) for having Justin Trudeau charged with treason because, you know, that's how he thinks this works. In what will come as absolutely no surprise, it is for all intents and purposes, a cobbling together of far right memes, outright lies and xenophobic fear mongering pretending to be a serious legal challenge:

There's a lot here to pick on. For example, the claim that Trudeau said "[he] will be personally responsible for harm that may come to any citizen of Canada. Any harm, from any refugee, brought into Canada by my government, [he will] stand personally responsible" can be found on memes all over social media and is being shared by Islamophobic and xenophobic groups and individuals.... but it isn't actually something that Trudeau said. And of the now over 45,000 refugees, Myatt can find examples of only two assholes who were both arrested and tried as evidence for his claim that we are all in danger? Holy hell! If that's the case, the crime rate among refugees is so much lower than that of other Canadians that maybe we really should consider replacing Canadians with refugees?

And the far-right will take my sarcastic comment out of context in






Anyways, I'm not going to bother dissecting this any further because it is sort of low hanging fruit. Still, though he has been lionized by his increasingly cult-like followers, it appears that not everyone has consumed the Flavor Aid:

"Canada Matters" is another anti-government and Islamophobic Facebook group claiming the status of "patriots." In a word, they are just as ridiculous and xenophobic as Myatt and his followers. There are quite a few ego-stroking comments, but these two are the ones I thought to be the most interesting:

My goodness, these people are so bloody sensitive! And why is it that I can't help but thinking of this when I read both Myatt's pouting and Kelly Elizabeth's response to a reasonable question?

Myatt and his followers have themselves a little bit of an authoritarian streak going.

This is what resulted in Myatt getting all hot and bothered:

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Alpha Male Alberta III Militia Hide From The Meanies Who Aren't Nice To Them

Wed, 05/09/2018 - 22:32
UPDATE: In what will not be a surprise to anyone, the threepers are celebrating the racist rant that occurred last month in a Lethbridge Denny's restaurant:

Remember this later on when you read the Alberta III% leader "Beau" Welling say there is no hate in their group.

When CBC did a story of the Canadian III% militia, with a special focus on the Alberta chapter, ARC published screen shots of their reaction and it was bloody hilarious!

Beau Welling, leader of the Alberta chapter, claims to have been slandered as a result of CBC posting screen shots of his own words as well as the racist and violent garbage routinely posted to the III% Alberta Facebook group, which further confirms my own hypothesis that Beau Welling is both a liar (he claimed he had been hacked which is bull shit) and dumber than a sack of hammers. In the ARC article more such screen shots were posted to prove he's a liar and his group are filled with violent racists, or at least racists who talk a big game.

Not long after the ARC article was published, the Alberta III% group's name was changed and the following explanation posted:


Was it something we said?

Yep. Definitely something we said.

And fyi Ron, the vast majority of you weekend soldiers are civilians and most of you would wash out of basic training in half an hour.

Later Beau Welling continued a thread to feel sorry for himself and his toy soldier militia for all the mean things the media have said about them by posting actual things that Welling and other threepers wrote because, how the hell is that fair?!?!


Just wow.

Dude, I've given people rides as well. I don't expect a story about it in the national media.

Also nobody, and I mean NOBODY, believes that you have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to anyone Beau. In an article published today in VICE by Mack Lamoureux regarding the threeper recovery house initiative (ARC had published a story earlier here and here), he also notes how full of shit you are
As Welling didn’t answer follow up questions, how much of this is real and how much of it just bullshit is not clear (Welling is known to exaggerate). During its initial push though, it’s clear from posts in a closed Facebook group that while Welling talked a lot about helping people, positive media attention for his group was very important to him.How did that fundraising go?

Beau Welling has to be one of the neediest men I've come across in the close to twenty years I've been monitoring hate groups. I don't think I've come across someone so desperate for affirmation and praise.

It is also really interesting to contrast the pity party with posts such as this:

Right. Let's put this in perspective, shall we?

One group is fleeing a civil war that has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, leaving everything they've known in the hope of providing safety for their families.

The other group acts tough online but feel aggrieved by a negative, though completely accurate, news story. They have mostly never had to struggle for anything in their pampered lives and have never experienced the trauma of an armed conflict are criticizing refugees for not "fighting for their country" because they've watched "Red Dawn" once and know that they would definitely be one of the Wolverines.

Yeah. The threepers sure are hard.

I almost feel sorry for Welling.... almost.

And wait a moment. Welling actually wrote, "there's no hate here"????

Most of these were posted today!

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Case Study: A Look At Steven Myatt's Supporters

Mon, 05/07/2018 - 22:24

It appears that the article posted on Sunday showing the federal Conservative leader chatting with Steven Myatt (member of the white nationalist and increasingly antisemitic Northern Guard) while at the UCP's first AGM has garnered some significant interest if the ol' Twitter machine can be believed. One individual did make a comment that is certainly worthy of merit:

I don’t think Andrew does a background check on everyone he talks to.

Unless I see it on Andrews feed, it’s not news.— Spencer Bennett (@spencerbennett1) May 7, 2018

That is a completely fair observation. In fact here on this blog we've (I can write "we" again!) noted a few occasions where prominent politicians as well as law enforcement have been photographed with boneheads who, while known to us, wouldn't necessarily be well known outside this particular subculture:

However, there are some differences. Jon Latvis had been out of the public eye for close to 20 years when he had his photograph taken with Rob Ford. In the case of McKee, he purposely concealed his identity and his intentions in an effort to embarrass Justin Trudeau. And as for police and city officials being photographed with the Soldiers of Odin.... well.... as that hate group had been in the news frequently for the past two years this was at best profoundly stupid and careless and at worst....

In any case, in none of these situations did the haters have a discussion about their ideology or their plans and attempt to garner support from the politician they were photographed with. Myatt did and claims to have received at least tacit support from politicians he stated are aware of his efforts:

Could this be Myatt blowing smoke up his supporters' asses? Sure, but it is a claim that is worth some investigating.

What is certain is that the subculture we at ARC are interested in are very supportive of Myatt's efforts to have Trudeau charged, arrested, tried, and convicted of treason (because, you know, Muslims). One of those figures is this fella:

You know when you hold views that Kevin "No Show" Goudreau can get behind, you really need to start re-evaluating your entire life:

Yes, because Goudreau is a well adjusted individual....


Most of the people who are supporting Myatt's quixotic quest though are not the cartoonish caricature that "No Show" Goudreau is. Yes they hold bigoted views and are willing are easily manipulated, but they certainly wouldn't stand out in public per se. Really, they are your uncle who spouts of conspiracy theories at family events like Thanksgiving or your cousin you haven't seen in years (but is still a Facebook "friend") who continually shares Debate Post articles or memes about how refugees are a drain on the economy.

I think that's why I find this group to be among the more interesting to look at what motivates them.

There were a few people who "liked" Goudreau's two comments. One of them is Beau Welling of the Alberta Threepers who was in the news not long ago and who did not like it one bit:

A second person is Katy Latulippe, leader of the Quebec chapter of the Soldiers of Odin which was also recently profiled on ARC as a result of their open alliance with the overtly racist Atalante:

The third is a relatively new figure. Pako Dellaire is Myatt's treasurer responsible for the money that has been collected.

Wait, you remember Myatt explicitly stating that he wouldn't be asking for donations? There's a perfectly good response to that and apparently it is shut up and don't look at the man behind the curtain.

Currently there's a Go Fund Me page that has been set up that Dellaire is acting as the administrator:

While Myatt is receiving support from the likes of Goudreau, Welling, Latulippe, and members of groups like the World Wide Coalition Against Islam, Pegida Canada, and the Northern Guard, most of his support is coming from people like Dellaire.

Now people like Dellaire always existed,but if I am to put my pop psychology hat on the 24 hour news cycle and social media have, to use an overused term, radicalized them. Despite the world being safer and more stable, they were convinced by a constant stream of negativity that the world was in chaos. Social media reinforced this belief through actual fake news being disseminated as easily as hitting the share button but with no critical thought; if it supports my bias, it must be true and any evidence that would suggest that the information is incorrect can be dismissed.

Case in point. Many of these people believe that the UK (and Europe in general) is in collapse. They point specifically at the rare, but widely covered, tragedies that have occurred. One often hears or reads "look what's happening in Europe" from people who may not have even left this continent and have no conception of what life in Europe is actually like and ho much safer it is there than in Trump's America or Harper's Canada. They also have no conception of history. After a bombing that took place in the UK, many of these people speak and write about how "this never happened" before the "Muslims" emigrated. If they actually did some research they would find that in the 1970s through the late 1990s, there were often weekly bombings that took place in major cities in the UK which resulted in far more deaths.... and those engaged in these terrorist acts were at least nominally Christian (the Roman Catholic IRA and the Protestant paramilitaries).

The result of this constant stream of negativity, combined with the bigotry that existed already at least in a portion of this group, is that they are terrified. In large part this terror is based on a fiction, but it is also based on their fear of demographic changes in the western world. At one time it didn't matter because, since they were the majority and privileged as a result, it didn't affect them directly. Now these same people find themselves competing on a even playing field and, not able to adapt, see themselves as falling behind. To paraphrase a statement I recently heard, to people who had always gotten ahead due to privilege, equality feels like oppression to them now.

Seeing a group of frightened people, demagogues are able to stoke those fears even further and turn them against scapegoats. Your struggles are because of "those" people who speak in accented English. "Those" people who follow a different religion are invaders. Your child might find himself working for an immigrant, as if that is a bad thing. And these demagogues -- Trump, Kaczyński, Putin, Orbán, Duterte, Le Pen, and others -- have been very good at weaponizing this fear.

In this country, the animus of this group is being = directed currently at Prime Minister Trudeau as well as provincial leaders such as Premier Notley and Wynne. Since Myatt's efforts are focused on Trudeau, we'll look at him specifically.

Myatt has a Facebook group specifically created for those who are supporting his petition efforts. Recently one of the administrators posed a rather interesting question, not in and of itself but because of the responses that resulted:

The responses were fascinating in that they essentially claim that every negative thing, real or not, is Trudeau's fault. They claim he is directly responsible their own physical and mental health problems. He is responsible for one individual's bankruptcy and one woman's inability to support herself on an income she claims is more than $70,000. He is responsible for any crime committed in Canada ("never happened when Harper was Prime Minister") Some ironically claim that they feel so unsafe in the country that they feel they may need to flee while at the same time condemning government for supporting refugees who are characterized as cowards for escaping a war zone. Of course the fear of Muslims and "sharia" law is prevalent throughout, but also a more generalized fear of "the Other" pervades the thread. And there's the desire for violence to rectify their concerns. Some dream of political assassinations while others hope for a civil war.

There is also the hope for a savior. Someone who will deliver them from the danger that they believe exists (despite crime being at or near an all time low). Sometimes that savior is the Christian god who they pray will smite their enemies in a very Old Testament sort of way. Some pray for deliverance invoking the names of Donald Trump and Steven Myatt.

And it is their desire to submit to the demagogue in the form of Trump, Myatt, or another person, someone who would weaponize their fear for their own purposes (power, wealth, fame), which I find to be the most disquieting part of this thread:

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Islamophobe and Member of White Nationalist Northern Guard Steven Myatt With Andy Scheer at the UCP Convention

Sun, 05/06/2018 - 18:02
Steven Myatt has been in Western Canada for nearly a month, first attending the weekend conference and anti-Muslim rally organized by Artur Pawlowski Calgary. His purpose in traveling to Western Canada was to promote his class action lawsuit against Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government which has now morphed into a campaign to have Prime Minister Trudeau charged and put on trial for treason primarily because he hasn't closed the country off to refugees, Muslims, and, if we're being honest, black and brown people:

Because, as you all know, that's apparently how he and his supporters think the criminal justice system works.
Since his arrival, Myatt has traveled to Edmonton, Fort Mac, Vancouver, Victoria, a few other places I can't be bothered to look up, and now back to Alberta:

As he's been away from Ottawa for nearly a month, I have to ask....

This is echoing the tired insult leveled at anti-racists by boneheads accusing us of not having jobs and living off the state, but I am genuinely interested in how this guy earns an income when he appears to spend so much time doing other things completely unrelated to earning an income. I know that he says he's staying with "patriots" in Alberta and BC and I would further surmise they are feeding him which I suppose would cut down the costs. He also has people raising money for his efforts. But even all that aside, who has the ability to just take off from a job for a full month (did he take all possible vacation days), especially considering it is doubtful that Myatt is independently wealthy (dude said he had to quit smoking because the habit was financially burdensome) and he doesn't appear to be a professional of any sort or self-employed.
Maybe I'm overthinking all of this?

Anyways, after spending time in BC Myatt returned to Alberta and traveled to Red Deer to attend the United Conservative Party's first convention where we've been reminded once again that a majority of the rank and file members don't like teachers or First Nations people but are REALLY are excited about outing gay children (see the entire thread):
On to group motion on education. This is a hot button one. This is the parental rights one. One guy notes if an anti-gsa one pass the media and opponents will focus on it. #ableg #ucpagm— MichelleBellefontaine (@MBellefontaine) May 6, 2018
To put it mildly.... yikes.
But Myatt was there to promote his class action suit as well as his efforts to charge Justin Trudeau with treason. On his first day at the event Myatt believed that he received implicit approval for this effort from the leader of Her Majesty's Official Opposition:

Oh. Andrew Scheer expressed interest, eh?
I'm going to assume that "expressing interest" meant that he nodded his head and said, "That's very interesting."
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Canadian Anti-Hate Network Is Now Active

Sat, 05/05/2018 - 09:33
For a long time Anti-Racist Canada has been, for all intents and purposes, the only real show in town when it came to tracking, monitoring, and reporting on racist groups and individuals in Canada that has maintained a long-term presence online. For the past few years as I've been the only contributor to ARC and let's face it, Blogger isn't exactly the best platform. 
A few months ago however I perhaps, somewhat cryptically, alluded to some work being done behind the scenes that would make the work ARC does easier. In fact I suggested that it would ultimately be in many ways much more effective than ARC.
I'm very happy to see that the hard work of a lot of people has now borne fruit:
Full disclosure. I've been working with the members of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network for several months ever since it was conceived. During that period I participated in a number of conference calls that included a diverse number of long-time community activists from across the country to help build up the bones of this new monitoring group which was in large part inspired by the Southern Poverty Law Center which has also helped to set up this organization:
The SPLC provided the Canadian Anti-Hate Network with information from the infamous and now-defunct Iron March forum, including info on Zeiger, which we've been sharing with journalists & researchers over the past 48 hours:— Evan Balgord (@ebalgord) May 5, 2018Good news for Canada. #FF— Hatewatch (@Hatewatch) May 4, 2018
As someone who has been trying to do this alone for years, this is a very welcome initiative. 
With the increase in the number of hate groups in this country and around the world that are connected through and continue to radicalize each other through social media, there have been others who have stepped up as well. I'm exceedingly grateful for the work activists have been doing on Facebook for example. Much of this activism is also focused on confronting the haters in person at their rallies to show them that their hate will not be allowed to disseminate their bigotry without opposition. These efforts have sapped the strength and diminished the morale of these groups.
The Canadian Anti-Hate Network will be another incredibly useful tool in the fight against bigotry in Canada.
Currently the organization is working on gathering the necessary funding. The board of directors are speaking to some individuals who may be willing to provide some of the necessary seed money, but there is also an avenue where other Canadians (or others) who wish to contribute can do so.
For what it is worth, I have no plans to shut down ARC any time soon, but I've not made it a secret that the increase in the number of hate groups and incidents have made it difficult for me to keep up with it all. I have no doubt that the activities of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network will make my job a hell of a lot easier.