International Day Against Racism

The annual International Day Against Racism, marking the anniversary of the Sharpeville massacre in South Africa, will be held in Vancouver starting at Thornton Park (Main Street Skytrain Station) and passing through Chinatown to a teach-in at a location to be finalized soon. 

There will be further details as planning advances. Information can be found on Facebook at:

Australian Holocaust denier Fredrick Toben facing deportation

THE dramatic arrest of Australian Holocaust denier Fredrick Toben on board a plane at Heathrow Airport in London on Wednesday night could result in his extradition to Germany on charges of Holocaust denial.Toben, 64, of Adelaide, had been in transit at Heathrow after arriving from the United States and was arrested just after boarding a flight to Dubai.Appearing before a City of Westminster magistrate in London hours after his arrest, Toben said he did not consent to being extradited to Germany, where he believes he would not receive a fair trial.Toben, who spent seven months in a German pr

Here’s what to know about ‘yellow vest’ protests happening across Canada

“Yellow vest” protests, which began in France weeks ago, are now being spotted in cities across Canada.

The Canadian protests are much smaller in size compared to France, where thousands have marched in recent weeks. The French protests have routinely turned violent, injuring several and leading to eight deaths.

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Talking to Radio NL host Brett Mineer about so-called Yellow Vest protestors in Kamloops threatening him and his family

Talking to Radio NL host Brett Mineer about so-called Yellow Vest protestors in Kamloops threatening him and his family.

After tweeting about the Yellow Vests, Mineer received over 800 messages, overwhelmingly from Alberta and Ontario, which threatened his family and detailing how he should be murdered. In this interview (9:45), he discusses the threats and shows, for example, how much of the Yellow Vests Canada rhetoric aligns with Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer's criticisms of the UN Migration Pact. Mineer notes that Scheer is playing with fire. Indeed!

Yellow vests in Canada: ‘We’re not racist if you ignore the things we say and do’

EDMONTON – Setting the record straight, members of the populist yellow vest movement are claiming that they are tolerant and respectful if you ignore what they have been saying and doing.

“There are a few hundred-thousand bad apples who are demanding an end to immigration or peddling anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, but that shouldn’t discredit the movement,” said one organizer. “We’re sure to recruit more and more Canadians so long as our message is not heard or seen.”


B.C. radio host faces torrent of threats, abuse after criticizing Yellow Vest protesters

A Kamloops, B.C. radio host has been on the receiving end of a torrent of threats and abuse after posting a critical tweet about Canada’s Yellow Vest movement.

Radio NL host Brett Mineer took to Twitter on Wednesday to comment on what he felt were the uglier elements of the movement, including what he described as racist elements and conspiracy theories.

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