International Day Against Racism

The annual International Day Against Racism, marking the anniversary of the Sharpeville massacre in South Africa, will be held in Vancouver starting at Thornton Park (Main Street Skytrain Station) and passing through Chinatown to a teach-in at a location to be finalized soon. 

There will be further details as planning advances. Information can be found on Facebook at:

Australian Holocaust denier Fredrick Toben facing deportation

THE dramatic arrest of Australian Holocaust denier Fredrick Toben on board a plane at Heathrow Airport in London on Wednesday night could result in his extradition to Germany on charges of Holocaust denial.Toben, 64, of Adelaide, had been in transit at Heathrow after arriving from the United States and was arrested just after boarding a flight to Dubai.Appearing before a City of Westminster magistrate in London hours after his arrest, Toben said he did not consent to being extradited to Germany, where he believes he would not receive a fair trial.Toben, who spent seven months in a German pr

In descriptions of migrants, the Canadian media has been happy to play judge and jury

StarMetro Columnist VICKY MOCHAMA wrote in a recent report that "[i]n most cases, journalists are careful about language." However, Mochama argues that in the case of immigration and refugee policy, many are not. It is strange to say that lawyers and even former members of relevant federal government Boards, might not just lack caution, but play into the hands of racist sentiments with arguments based on what many would say is wild speculation. As evidence of the danger of wild speculation on refugee policy, a recent article from the right wing National Post is presented, followed by Mochama's caution about the danger of speculation and bias. 

In the following analysis, we will examine President Trump's immigration and refugee policy that has resulted in tearing children from their parents and the reaction in Canada, along with comparable historical policies.

Counteracting Hate

Canada is in the midst of a new wave of right-wing extremism and radicalization, but is ill- prepared to deal with the problem. Examples of this new wave include the domestic terrorist attack in 2017 at the Islamic Cultural Centre of Quebec City that resulted in 6 deaths and 8 injuries, the right-wing-inspired murders of three RCMP officers in Moncton in 2014, and the increase in reported hate crime against Canadians of Muslim faith and Canadians of South Asian descent.

Australian government declines visa for right-wing activist Lauren Southern ahead of speaking tour

CONTROVERSIAL conservative activist Lauren Southern has had her visa declined by the Australian Government ahead of a speaking tour later this month. RIGHT-WING internet personality Lauren Southern has spoken out about the “unprecedented” hurdles she faces to get into Australia.

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