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Warning! If this is an emergency, call 911 now.

If you have been subjected to threats, intimidation, hate symbols, assault or any other behaviour you feel impinges on your life and denies your dignity and safety as a person because of your skin colour, gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation, we strongly urge you to file a complaint below. Hate and bias activity is illegal in most countries and perpetrators of hate face serious consequences for their behaviour. The information you give us will help to support the vicitims of hate crime and help stop offenders. To help stop racism and bias activity, give us as much information as you can. Please make sure all required information is provided. Go to resources for definitions and discussion of hate and bias activity. If you feel at risk, follow these security guidelines.

You should notify your local police department as soon as possible. You may also want, depending on the type of incident, to file a human rights complaint and/or a civil suit. When making a complaint to a police department make sure you record the name of the officer(s) and badge number. Make sure you have a file number. If you encounter a problem having your complaint taken seriously go here.

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But don't stop with a report! You can also let everyone know if your employer harrassed you, or the police mistreated you, or the media was racist. Create a review of any service, employer, government program or agency, school, law enforcement agency, etc., by going here.